Meddling Queen Armudenia is a very famous arms dealer (just one type of the many different things she trades, mostly physical goods but sometimes mercenary work) who travels the galaxy in search of new clients, never settling down for very long at any one location. Her actions are illegal in many of the locations she visits but that doesn't stop her from her activities. For one thing she's very hard for the authorities to track down all things considered, and for another she makes insane amount of money off of this so that she's far too well equipped and not intent on stopping any time soon.

Her meddling has influenced the entire future of certain planets, especially when she travels to low tech ones where one side is using swords and she gives the other side guns. The better the offer is to the inhabitants the more she asks of them, and if they have nothing else of value that interests her she would often ask for their loyalty for a certain amount of time or even a large investment on their entire planet once the side she helps achieves victory, forcing them to pay off their debts for a long time and/or give her large amounts of control. In this way she's sort of like an actual Queen despite no official title, her nickname simply from her being the queen of meddling.

She might only help individual people who come to her rather then entire civilizations and the same trading still applies with them giving her something of adequate value. Despite her vast wealth, which is nearly impossible to determine, she doesn't have a large amount of people working for her, mostly made up of people who owe their loyalty in a trade. Her most trusted form her personal bodyguard, those who were so pleased with her help that they willingly wished to serve her even if not asked to for the trade.

There's no real consensus if she's good or evil. On one hand she mostly trades with the sides viewed as the good guys, saving their skins on many occasions with her weapons and other equipment, but on the other hand she shows little leeway on getting what she wants in return, seen as extorting those in need. Overall she does far more good than harm, however, due to saving them in the first place.

Grand Negotiator Edit

All of her trading is done by her personally as she travels the galaxy in her flagship the Grand Negotiator, the most expensive things she owns; more expensive then almost any other ship of it's size in existence, in fact. It's shields, sensors, and Cosmodrive are top of the line, allowing her very fast travel and power to break through most tech designed to interfere with the workings of the cosmodrive such as the Cosmowave Condenser . Also, as expected of an arms dealer, it's armed to the teeth with enough firepower to take on an average fleet, at least buying her enough time to slip away. Not only is it practical but it also has a fancy look about it, allowing comfortable living condition for a large crew, but she takes up an entire wing (not the actual ship's flying wings) for herself. She lives in the ship, after all, having no other houses due to her constant traveling.


She's a large breasted mature looking woman with pink hair styled elegantly in curls reaching down to her lower back and what looks like a receding hairline that is naturally present in all of her race. She's 6'2" and her body is in good shape but not muscular. She has dull green skin with natural purple markings covering parts of her body in patterns. Most noteable are four dots on her forehead, two lined up in a row over both eye. She has large golden irises, a slender pointed nose, and narrow but thick lips. Her ears are like cones sticking out an inch from her head on either side. Her fingers are long and elegant looking, being about 50% longer than human fingers. Her limbs are also a bit longer in proportion to her torso than a human.

She wear various fancy gowns. Her nails are kept long.


She has an aura of regalness about her befitting an actual queen, at least most of the time, causing her to automatically steal the spotlight in most situations whenever she enters a room. She hates being ignored or looked down on most of all. She does have a playful side but can become sadistic and manipulative with it at the same time. She does seem to genuinly care for those close to her even if she's fine with manipulating and manhandling others to get her way.

When she gets drunk she becomes far less classy and professional, acting in a more impulsive and personal manner with others than normal. However, she still retains her shrewd business sense so often gets great deals anyways. Sometimes she forgets her experiences if she drinks way too much so might end up the proud owner of a new planet without realizing it at first.


Most of her relationships involve her crewmembers, which she makes a point to remember all of their names and information about them, being quite personal with them while still on a professional level. She has no known family.


Her second in command in charge of controlling the ship's travels while Armudenia is not on duty. He's a Molluun with a gene making him especially large for his race, standing in at nearly 7 feet tall and with a chubby appearance. He's also very clever not only for his race but for people in general, taking people off gaurd and making them wonder if he's truly a molluun. He's skilled with a cutlass-like sword made out of a rare material of great durability despite being light weight.

He's very loyal to Armudenia and she shows him a lot of trust and respect in return.



She's a master at defensive mind based magic, allowing her to ward of almost any attempts to enter her mind. She can keep a base form active at all times to give decent protection and warn of of any mental intrusion, and then kick up her protection to even higher levels to overwhelm the threat.

She can also peer into the minds of others, but this skill is not as high of a level as her defensive abilities. It mostly just allows her to sense their basic emotions and motivations if they aren't particularly good at hiding them.


She's very intelligent and great at business and negotiations.



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