The advanced civilizations of Andreemea use a wide variety of materials that would be unfamiliar to habitants of 21st century Earth. This page lists basic information about materials used in the 23rd millennium, as well as a list of specific materials, for easy reference.

The basicsEdit

Within the space ship, vehicle, armour, weapons and tools industry, three types of materials are dominant: metals, plastics and plasteel.

Despite the rise of plastics, metals still play a large part in galactic society. Most of the alloys used on 21st century Earth have gone out of practical use and have been replaced by superior ones. Strong, heavy alloys in particular are still widely used, while lighter ones are mostly replaced by plastics or plasteel. Among the three, metal alloys tend to be the heaviest and most expensive, but also the strongest, thus their most prominent use is in heavy ship, vehicle or personal armour.

Due to the discovery of alternate sources of power, particularly the cold fusion reactor, there is nowadays an abundance of petroleum, causing plastics to be very cheap and easily available. Advances in technology also allow for the creation of stronger plastics, which can be used in many purposes for which a less advanced civilization might use metal. It’s the lightest, cheapest, but physically weakest of the three options.

Plasteel forms the middle ground between the two: a composite material of metal alloys and acrylic polymers. It has the smooth consistency and the elasticity of a plastic, while having the strength and heat resistance of a metal. In heavy-duty plasteel, steel, titanium and tungsten are mostly used as the metal component, while light-duty plasteel uses aluminium or other light metals. Heavy-duty plasteel is commonly used for the hulls of spaceships and combat vehicles, while light-duty can be used for just about anything that requires a certain sturdiness but isn’t expected to face heavy combat. Between the three, plasteel tends to be weaker, lighter and cheaper than metal alloys, but stronger, heavier and more expensive than plastics.

List of specific materialsEdit


A plastic that is soft, flexible and transparent in its pure form, but can be reinforced by infusing other materials. Reinforced feerilesh is used to create body armour, combat and non-combat vehicles, space ships, and pretty much anything that requires a light and cheap building material. The Faera are both its biggest producer and biggest user. See List of Faera Tech.


An extremely rare metal mined only on a couple planets that then undergoes a special forging process. In it's properly finished state it has high shield piercing properties, even able to punch through spaceship shields of moderately high level in a single bullet. This metal can still be blocked by physical armour just as easily as normal metals, however. Most of the supply of kiristyrium is in the hands of the UNT, but pirates/slavers also have control over one of the planets producing this metal, which they sometimes sell to other faction for a high price.


A very heavy and incredibly strong alloy with depleted uranium as its primary component. It’s used in the armour of heavy combat ships and large combat vehicles, and very rarely incorporated in heavy personal armour. A favourite of races whose military favours power over speed, such as the Inorr and Korrvain. It’s named after the Urta race, who are its biggest producers.

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