Marcle is a planet on the bourder of sector 42, nearing sector 41 and 53 and homeworld of the Eremend


The planet has a lot of natural area's, mostly forests and plains.

it possesses both ocean's and lakes, both having sweet and salt water.

It possess 1 moon.

Planet contantEdit

This planet possess a large amount of natural animals that can be found on the human inhabitaed worlds.

There are however sightings of natural element made animal like creatures

see also: Eremend beasts

The planet possess a lot of plants but non are really worth mentioning.

The Eremend's possess a couple of highly advanched citys, having kept 90% of the planets nature and taking improving citys more important then having a lot of citys or other types of civilisations..

see also: Planets of sector 42 .

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