Maiguis (plural is maiguisi, the last "i" pronounced like eye) are magical life forms that have unknown origins but appear to be older than most life in the galaxy, although it's hard to say for sure. It's possible they've exists before Andreemea, if certain theories are to be believed. Seemingly at random they're given birth by unusually high concentrations of magiwaves forming together over time and given the form of a transparent orb of goo, any color being possible depending on the unique combinations of magiwaves in the area. When an orb is in the area it often facilitates the growth of additional orbs, resulting in large breeding grounds if not kept in check.

Maiguis Types Edit

The smallest, weakest, and most common orbs, often the size of raindrops, burst open to take on the form of what are called Flitters, or jelly butterflies. The magiwave energy levels to create them is not very high, meaning that they can be found almost anywhere, sometimes in large quantities.

Most orbs not flitters grow in size to about ten feet in diameter before they "awaken" and separate into the form of a five or so jellyfish like beings, but only the main body without any of the tentacles. They can float around in midair through continuous anti-gravity magic powerful enough to support their light weight. There are other forms that they can take had they absorbed even more magiwave energy during their growth.

The most common large form is similar in appearance to a sea slug reaching lengths as long as 40 feet, although most around 20 feet. As for the other forms they all appear like semi-transparent goo that illuminate and they tend not to form into any complex shapes (but it has happened). Although most grow into the basic types there are some that, for one reason or another, take a form that no other Maiguis have, or if so only a few. It's believed that there was strange magic being weaved near the location of their growth that was picked up by the orb and influenced it. For example, if a large amount of fire magic is being used then the Maiguis might come out with a fire motif.

Any research into such matters is strictly confidential. However, rumors state that the UNT government has created a team of intelligent Maiguis with special powers to fight for them. The government denies such claims as preposterous.

Maiguis Intelligence Edit

Most maiguis are believed not to have Seynience but some have developed it over time, if rumors are to be believed. Most wish to view them as simple livestock without intelligence or emotions due to their use as magical fuel that requires their demise.

Maiguis Powers Edit

They can have a wide range of powers depending on type, and some of a type might exhibit powers they don't normally have. Their magic use is seemingly on instinct and can be quite powerful or weak.

Magitrinail Edit

Nicknamed "Magi's Blood", this substance found flowing through the maiguisi bodies serves as magical fuel for inanimate objects and is thus highly valuable across the galaxy. Maiguis hunting is a valuable business, although most Magitrinail used by the UNT is from the government that is breeding maiguis specifically for this purpose.

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