A Magi-Sword is a magiwave weapon made by the Ainant 's

deactivated the weapon appears as a single circluar object.

there exist multiple types depending on the formula used:

-Magi: the most basic type, using magiwaves to create a energy made sword, the sword has a unsteady cone shaped blade with a sharp tip and instead of slashing it burns trough its enemies, making it more of an stabing sword then a slashing one.

-Volt: an hot-lightning formula, the sword appears even more unsteady as electrical sparts and arcs appear, the sword no longer burns but slide trough the target dealing internal electrocution type damage.

-Flare: a hot-fire formula, the sword shape breaks and seems to appear as flames in a pillar, the sword shape however is not fixed and hitting something with the sword will break its shape, however the sword tend to try and regain its pillar shape, covering its target or send out masses of heat in an attempt to regain its shape and burn away the obstecle.

-Artic: a cold-ice formula, the sword takes the shape of an ice blade, able to slash trough organic material and induce frostbite.

-aqua: a cold-water formula, the sword takes a full cone shape and is made of water, this sword is used by specialists as it can generally only be used in stratigic acts or used to force downing.

-Toxic: a cold-poison formula, the sword becomes made from a same patern as the aqua version but pink, it can sink trough clothes and inflict poison on its target, the more the target gets hit the deadlyer the poison becomes.

-Corosive: a cold-poison formula, the sword is exactly the same as with the toxic version but purple and eats away clothes and armor while dealing a burning sensation on organic material, more hits on the same area will result on small hair thin cracks from which the person will bleed, more hits will increase the wounds size and eventually the wounds will be big enough that the acid gets into the bloodstream, starting from the start again with the burning but all troughout the body and more hits on these wounds will eventually cause massive inwards bleeding.

-sand: a neutral-earth formula, the sword appeard to be made from sand and can harden or soften, even reshape when in sand mode, to use this sword a lot of training is needed as a good mind on how to use what aspect as the weapon can be rather complex yet multipurpose.

-sky: a neutral-wind formula where the blade becomes invisible due to it being made from the air and only taking a solid shape when slashing.

-shadow: a neutral-dark formula where the sword is black and stable in build, the sword can reorginaize its density, able to both cut, stab, wrap around and be used as a blunt weapon.

-Bright: a neutral-light formula, the sword gives off a strong light to the area it is pointed (be sure to always point it away from your own eyes) this breaks the enemies vision gaining mulitple advantages if used correctly.

-Grave: a neutral-grafity formula where the sword has a controlled shape of its magi version and acts like a blunt weapon, inclicting damage will result in launching the target trough the air by grafity force, slamming them from above will inflict heavy grafity damage, the gravity can be refuresed to pull rocks and such on the blade to increase its blunt weight and range but prevents it gravity use, unless during an attack it is refuresed again, launching the target while raining it with rocks.

-Shard: a neutral-metal formula where the sword seems to be and is made out of small sharp pieces of metal that keeps floating around its core, the shards keep in their megnatic field and slash open anything that comes in contact with the weapon, torugh it cannot block weapons not made of metal or other matter not effected by magnetic energy

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