Most Madroneans are part of the Madronean Tribes, a group that some can consider to be similar to the amazon warriors of Earth mythology. They're actually humans who mostly appear Nordic and have split off from the other humans after a permanent genetic defect in the Y-chromosome lead to limited male births. They now rely primarily on other human groups to reproduce, keeping the female children while allowing the male children to return with the fathers should they wish to leave to their own homelands. They do, however, allow outsiders to stay permanently under certain circumstances.

Their home world is in the lower righthand side of sector 31 and they're close friends with the UNT found mostly to their southwest. Due to close proximity to rival territory of the GAN Empire, specifically the Cho'zhar, which are their main rivals, they have developed a powerful military. They rely mostly on up close and personal ground forces. Their vehicles often have high defense and are very large, mostly there to get the ground forces where they need to go so that their foot soldiers can handle the rest. The elite warriors within the tribes are known for being able to take on dozens of enemies single handedly and live to tell about it, although not all are this strong, experiencing a large gap in strength from certain tribes.

Appearance Edit

Some of the tribes have developed more masculine characteristics over time to compensate for the lack of men; growing taller, more muscular/stronger, and more aggressive like men. However, not all have experienced these hormonal changes, remaining more like Earthling women in appearance, but due to the culture they still tend to act more aggressive. There are varying degrees of this change in hormones. The tribes with the most extreme cases can be as large as 7 and a half feet on average and highly muscular, individuals within these tribes even reaching over 8 feet tall on occasion. Most are around the average male height and strength. Some of the hormones make their muscles bulge while most of the tribes keep a more compact yet powerful muscle structure. Some tribes are known for being very large chested. The smallest tribe is around 5 feet tall on average.

As previously stated most are Nordic looking, having white skin and blonde hair as the dominate trait. Redheads are the next most common, followed by brown, then black. Some look other nationalities but the children take on the traits of the mothers more often, allowing them to grow diverse based on the fathers over a period of time but not entirely common. Most within the tribes who appear too different are often not actually Madronean, just other individuals who joined the various tribes.

Culture Edit

They are brave and militaristic, all female members of their society knowing how to fight from an early age, many of whom enjoying it. They allow outsiders to join their tribes on a case by case basis, commonly other women but even some men are allowed to both join and fight alongside them. They do not hate men, as some people assume for whatever reason. It's just in their culture that the women shall fight 99.9% of the time. They do some discrimination against men in certain areas such as their ability to fight and it's harder for them to become official members of the tribes, but they don't do it out of hatred for them.

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