M'rayl Lithardeon is a 23 year old Nimin female who has spent most of her adult life working for the UNT as a Level 1 Security personel, the lowest rank, on planet Elistore. To those she's familiar with she goes by the nickname of Lithy or Meelee, although to her father she's known affectionatly as Ray Ray.


She's 5'7 tall and only weighs 98 pounds, which is an average height and a healthy weight for a Nimin. She has milky white skin and light brown freckles in the shape of squares, each about the size of a fingernail, on the small of her back. She's naturally bald, although does have grey eyelashes. Her eyes are slightly larger then humans and she has silvery green irises. There are penny sized circular lumps near her temples that are slightly green tinted underneath, being primative eyes that are always "open" and can sense light and movement, although she doesn't actually see any actual vision out of them. Her ears are mainly just holes with a slight rim around them, standing out mostly in the back. Her face looks really smooth and pleasant, more so in a girl next door sort of way then a supermodel.

Her body is slender yet healthy looking. She's athletic enough to pass the basic military exercises but she doesn't have much visible muscles. She has a longer neck and the shoulders slope downward more so then a human and her torso is slightly more tubular, although still retains some curves. She has a size B chest. Her belly button is slightly higher up and has a longer verticle slit rather then circular. Her hands each have three long, slender fingers plus a thumb. Her feet have four toes, the big ones on the inward side smaller but thicker then the other longer, slender toes. They soles have high arches and due to having smaller soles, her feet end up only being about 11 inches despite the long toes.

If she wears makeup it's commonly pale, earthy greens, usually in the form of eyeshadow. She, like most of her race, doesn't tend to paint their nails.


She's optomistic, open, and friendly, almost always bubbling with energy. She's a tad on the geeky side and messes around a bit too much, but if something serious comes along she'd rise up to the occassion unless it was something she didn't want to deal with and would just try to brush it off as if it was nothing. Such things would never involve saving others from danger, however, as she's quick to try and help others who desperatly need her assistance. She feels really bad about doing or not doing something that ends up harming others. As such she'd make a horrible criminal who'd appologize all the time, and is a horrible liar on top of this. She doesn't kill if at all possible, but does acknowledge that sometimes it must be done to save those you care about. Her most major flaw can, at times, be self doubt.


She's trained in a variety of guns, showing the most promise in assault rifles, machineguns, and pistols. She's also trained in a stun baton.

She's really good in all things manueverability related such as flexibility, dexterity, and agility. Her long limbs can take long strides to conserve energy while maintaining a decent pace. She's best in long distance running than sprints. Her more offensive physical abilities such as strength are lacking. Although she's trained for some hand-to-hand combat to help minimize this disadvantage, she can still be physically overpowered without too much effort by a lot of races. Her fighting style is more evasive and using their own momentum against them. She'd use chops as the most common strike.

She's really intelligent for her age, which is perhaps her greatest weapon.


Her standard weapon is an IG Enforcer with a grip altered slightly to accomodate her longer fingers. She also has a stun baton. She may be supplied additional weapons and equipment depending on her assignment but doesn't personally own any of them.



Her father, Leilnan Lithardeon, is a multi-world famous scientist working for the UNT. He's absolutely crazy about his daughter, and although it appears like he babies her, on the other hand he gets her involved in his crazy experiments far more often then what would be considered healthy. He claims that she won't be too harmed by them (probably), although "harmed" is up for debate because some experiments have given her less then savory side effects. Leaving her with diarrhea for a week is but one unfortunate mishap. She still shivers at the thought of some of the experiments but doesn't resent her father for it. His heart was in the right place and it did help him greatly along the way in saving lives until he could get funding and approval for additional test subjects. She doesn't regret her dicision to participate in his antics but wouldn't exactly be happy to go through it again. At worst she considers him an annoyance who's far too clingy.

She and her mother were able to finally convince him to allow her to get a job as a security personel after much effort. He tries to send her experimental things to help her with her job, such as weapons and shields, although they often leave her more worse for wear. He's a great scientist but no so great of an engineer for such things, after all. Because of this she rarely ever uses his gifts.

Her mother, Ra'chinel, was a soldier who met her husband after rescuing him from a terrorist attack. She was 18 years older than him but to him it was love at first sight. He was persistent, which eventually paid off as they got married 5 years later. She became pregnant so was unable to continue her duty, settling down to give birth to M'rayl. She's more carefree towards M'rayl, wanting her to be able to do whatever she wants rather then follow in her father's footsteps. She was the one supportive of her request to join UNT security from the start.


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