The lost station is, as its name implies, a lost space station.

It is roaming the galaxy for thousands of years and can be considered to possibly be the oldest space station in the Adreemea galaxy, dating back to at least the lost age of Glaizart technology (what considering the artifacts from that time has been an age with technology far beyond anything ever seen) and could very well be one of that lost Glaizart age artifacts itself due to its condition being nearly perfect even though it is so old.

construction data and technology

The lost station is currently still functional even through its so old, its energy source will take thousands of years to be examined before a decent understanding can be made of the station is ever found and seems to drain power from dark matter or some other currently still unknown source.

It has live support working based on the needs of the current inhabitance.

Its even has built in engines that works through the same energy as its power supply, why a space station has engines only its creator would know.

It had a very complicated and super advanced computer system even for the current time, using a language system that only a Glaizart could read (due to their ability to read and understand any other language)

The station can hold up to 40 people in size (including the machinery)

The station has 4 empty sleeping rooms, each with 10 stasis pods.

1 cafeteria with unknown machines that seems to produce food from nothing.

5 laboratory’s

5 locked off storage facilities

1 hangar

Storage and installations

-Installations include (but are not limited to):

--Unknown type of energy generator.

--unknown engine

--unknown super class defense energy shielding

--unknown type of AI live support fitting its settings to the people on the station, even working to the degree that it can make sup space settings for cases where 2 creatures are next to each other while 1 might need oxygen and the other would die on it.

--super advance computer system

--perfect type of stasis pods

--unknown type of food replicator

All storage facilities are locked and the content is supposed to be unknown, but one room has been opened from the inside.

What can be found on the inside is a completely different stasis pod then found in the sleeping rooms that is connected to an unknown type of computerized machine, the machine is now deactivated but has been used to monitor different vitals and other stuff, it also has some data about the person who was inside it such as his name and age.

It also has a heavenly armored case for some kind of object, trough the case had been locked by a very heavy class lock the contents has been removed.

Trough it would not be known until one of the other storage facilities has been opened, one of the other facilities has similar installations but without the casing and with more machines.

Inside the stasis pod however there can only be found a skeleton and green purple ooze on the bottom of the pod, the live support machine of this pod is still functional but is indicating an error.

In the hangar here has been signs of an ship that had been docked for years, signs would indicate that this ship has been docked for nearly as long as the station has existed, however the ship that used to be docked has left the station a few years ago or so according to the shltations log, naming the ship the Grim Hunter

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