Lizzay are reptilian creatures that have evolved of each other depending on living areas and breeding matters. 10 years ago humans settled on their planet thinking it was uninhabited, but a couple of the Lizzay entered the settlement and started living there, learning the human tongue and telling of their race.

The race is divided into (names are taken from the Lizzay that have learned the human tongue): Reptilians, Servapens, Inverns, Glidars, Shoids and the civilians. There is also tale of the Lizzay ancestors that are still called lizzay, but are thought to be extinct by now.

Lizzay now is used as a combined name for the sub races.



(pronounced as Rep-til-lian)

MSM20 vsLizard

picture of a Reptillian

are more fitted to the dessert, forest and jungle reptiles, they differ on the individual reptile race, are at least 2 meters tall, have a reptiles head but humanoid body and tails, their fingers have claws as nails and 4 fingers, their private parts are hidden under the scales.

Reptilian are strong and durable, there strength can easily slam there fist in the ground and lift up a giant tree root twice the size of there body, the females are more slender build and have a bigger chest area, even though they have no breasts and are around 1.80 to 1.90, where the males are roughly built.


(pronounced as Serr-vaa-pen)

Fake ass servapen

until i find my original drawing, place make due with this stupid past make example

are snake like humanoids, that aside having human arms and legs (trough they have 4 fingers and no fingernails) they have snake tails growing out of there sides, though not all have this and  some have a total of 4 where others have 2, they have a pattern on the side of their neck that can have 3 colors: gray, blue, purple and gold, each color show’s what that specific servapen can spit out: gray is nothing, blue is water, purple is liquid poison and gold is a highly corrosive acid, trough most are the same type of unknown snake there are servapens that have a cobra neck, servapens can swim and breath underwater and seem to be immune to poisons and moldy things, their body’s make them very agile and there is no difference to males and females aside from the sound of their voices.


(pronounced as In-vurn)


basic body of a Invern, just color him red

are salamander like humanoids; they are equal to human size and build, have a red skin and are very hard to tell apart, the main difference between individuals is the pattern on their bodies.

The females are easily recognized as there chest area have what looks like as breasts, trough there is no nipple to be sighted, these breasts are stuck to their chests and do not seem to move when the female move’s as they seem to be solid, also a female have a very tight hourglass waist.

Invurns should never be touched by bare hands as there body temperature reaches around the same temperature as magma, this heat gives their muscles a big boost giving them great speed, however if they leave their habitat of magma pits and volcano active area’s they have to run in order to keep their body temperature up, if they do not run or cannot run they will slowdown and eventually go into hibernation until they die of lack of nutrients


(pronounced as Glide-ar)


A attempt to draw a glidar

are humanoid reptiles that have a membrane under their arms and legs giving them the ability to glide, their bones seem to be hollow yet very strong, glidars have a tail that acts like a lightning rod, the lightning replenish their energy, these tails have been seen to be used as swords by civilians, or by glidars when gliding or turning around.

There are not much sightings of glidars in the last 100 years as most have evolved into Shoids, this has caused that there is not much info about their appearances and the differences between male and female.


(pronounced as Shooi-d)

Female shoid

A female shoid

were once Glidars, but due to a lack of females, males breeded with a locale reptile race called a Shoidling, from these crossbreeding came the Shoids species.

Male shoid armor

male shoid private area armor

Shoids have a natural kind of armor, not like a turtle, these armors are gray colored and are made out of a lot of separate pieces, an upper body piece, multiple plates like a track tire (think of a tank: those) covering the lower back and tail, the same kind of armor that covers their upper back (and is directly connected to their chest area) is covering their arms and legs, their head is covered as well by an armor piece fitting perfectly on their heads and is in fact connected to their skulls, the difference between males and females can be seen by looking at the private area, males have an armor piece at that area as well, were females do not wear an armor on that area, and if you get the chance to look closely you can see a small line between a set of scales, but is closed by strong muscles that they have control over on closing off and opening up.

What is under the armor is known trough examinations of dead Shoid: the males have a hefty build and under their private area armor is a full set of gentiles, this and the civilian are the only lizzay that seem to have the private parts outside their scales, the females seem to have the same build as the reptilians under their upper armor, most interesting is that in and on the armor and their body’s there seem to be small pockets with no opening, they use these pockets to store lightning they have collected, these pockets burst if there is still lightning in them when the shoid dies releasing lightning in a widespread blast.


(pronounced as Si-vil-lian)


a civilian

once the lizzay, or be a bit more precise, reptilians that went and met the humans that build a settlement on their planet, have now evolved to be more fitting to live in the city’s, they are equal to the size of humans and are able to wear human clothing, and weapons, they are skilled fighters and act as mercenaries due to their natural physics, they are the only lizzay that can speak English with no problem from births, have 5 fingers and are of human size, knowing armed combat.

Civilians true most look alike seem to have a couple of facial features so other races can tell how is how, females and males both have a more human like sexual features, as the male civilian and shoid have real genitalia like that of human (but bigger) and the female have real human female like breasts and *lips*, civilians btw also dress human clothes to cover these of course.


(pronounced as liz-say)


Lizzay in captivity

the original lizzay was a 2 and half meter big lizard with a big upper back ridge, running on all 4 legs (but walking on 2) and having the head that is close to the head of the lizard of spiderman, its color is sand colored, it is strong fast and a brutal beast with no (known) sentient mind.

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Lifespan/ childbirth and agingEdit

Lizzay also have difference lifespans and such:


seem to be able to become between 150 and 200, they hedge from egg’s that the females lay and are around a human baby in size, they are most of the time just 1 or 2, the children do not eat milk but are born with a full set of teeth, when a reptilian age their scales lose their color, the whiter the older a reptilian


seem to be at the end of their life at the age of 70, but they lay eggs in groups of at least 5, the baby’s seem to be purely snakes and are 5cm long at most, they swim around their hatched area and hunt for bugs and fishes in the area, when they reach the age of 1 they will begin growing arms and legs as the side tails, this is also the age that the color on their neck’s become visible, they seem to breed as snakes.


reach the end of their life between the ages of 50 and 100, what the cause for such a big difference is, is unknown, no one has seen how invurns breed as they do this under magma, they seem to give birth without eggs but at least twins. Nothing further is known on how the children are feeded as the mothers take the little invurns under magma for this as well, but it is presumed that under the magma the females breast like bulges can soften and somewhere there appears a way to feed the children (human researchers presume this)


were always a rather sheltered race when it came to breeding nurturing, so nothing is known, they are however a race that lived short lives living for about 50 years, because if this it is presumed (looking at other short living lizzay) that they give birth to multiple children at the same time.


Shoid baby

shoid baby

can live 150 years, with the youngest dyeing at age 139, as their armor protect them and the stored lighting helps fight diseases.

Shoids are known to breed where other shoids are present, but if outsiders are present they do not breed at all until outsiders are gone (making a long stay of outsiders not appreciated), where they take of parts of the armor, the female relaxes the muscles, the children are born in eggs and when getting out of their eggs they seem to be only an single piece of armor and a little head, they lay 1 egg at a time, when growing up the single piece of armor slowly set out into multiple parts


age the same as humans, they breed the same as humans, they can even breed with humans (though no children will be born from this).

Culture/ historyEdit

Though cultures differ, they do have an combined history: at first there was the Lizzay, the original, legends in the reptilian race speak that the lizzay were born from the blood of a dragon and some humanoid creature (after meeting humans they call this creature human in the story’s) but as time passed, some lizzay started breeding with reptiles and snakes for some reason, this started the race of reptilians and servapens, 2 tribes living in one area, but where the reptilians are calm, peaceful and loved the nature, the servapens were vicious, cruel and began destroying the forest.

A small war broke out and the servapens were banned from their birthplace, the forest became a jungle and the servapen found their perfect home in a nearby swamp, but the war has splitted the resolve in the reptilian tribe, and members left to find their own places to live, some began to live in volcanic area’s and slowly became invurns, others, the winged reptiles went in search for the high mountains to enjoy there gift of gliding on the winds, trough one of these groups came into a mountain that is ravaged by lightning storms and became trapped, when their females began to become scare they mated with the native reptile like the lizzay did once before, from this the shoid was born.

The 4 races live peacefully for a long time, though at times servapens still feeling hatred for the reptilians attempted to start a new war.

Slowly the shoid race started to travel to there once brother race the glidars, and some stayed as they found a mate for live (able to feel but not knowing the difference of love is a thing for all lizzay, only the civilians know what love truly is) resulting in the shoid’s being spread through the glidar race, as they seem to be more dominant in genetics.

Then the humans came, the reptilian jungle was closed to the settlement and so a few decided to make contact, they learned the human tong, spread the lizzay existence, regained ownership of their planet, allowed the humans to live on their planet, lived with them and helped them build there settlement without disrupting nature or there brothers and sisters of lizzay, and in times they started to evolve more akin to the humans, giving birth to the civilians

Each race also have their own customs and culture:


are nature loving reptiles, they seem to resemble Indians that live in jungles the most in living ways, they are peaceful but you should never try to destroy their birthplace, this will anger them and put them in an frenzy, they do welcome outsiders but prefer to live on their own, sheltered from the human settlement, the leader of their tribes are always the oldest reptilian, when he dies, the next oldest becomes leader.


are mean and cruel, they tend to stab others in the back for their own gain, the ones that differ from this are usually kicked out their tribe, their high Archie is rather complicated, cobra’s stand above others, purple necks are higher than blue and gold are the highest, where gray is the lowest, among the equal from that, the tails at the sides count, if a serpaven with a gray neck is born they are forced to live their lives as servants of the king, if more than one golden 4 tailed cobra is alive, they are forced to fight each other over the rank of king when the king dies, the losers either lose their live, or get one or more of their tails cut off, this is a sign that if the current king dies and there are still successors of that generation, the next count of tails becomes the leader, never ever harm one of their children, trough they are already an aggressive race, if one of their children is killed, they will not stop until the entire race of the one that killed the child is extinct


are relaxed creatures, you will rarely find one out of its habitat, and that is lucky as they tend to run without care for others to keep their body hot, they are rather dangerous when fighting as you cannot match their speed, they do tent to keep quite when an outlander visits there habitat, but still remain in there magma pit’s ignoring the outsider, there leader switches every year during the eruption ceremony were young invurns charge into a very active volcano for a chore that differs each year, the one that comes back first is the new leader, the 2e place and 3e are the substitutes and advisors, the others will go back to their daily lives, if they come back, each year there are invurns that die during this event, most die due to the volcano erupting and blasting all invurns still inside into the air, where a cold drop with lethal fall awaits them, the ones that die during die of unknown causes as all evidence gets destroyed by the eruption.


used to have a similar test were they had to glide during a thunderstorm; the one that gets the furthest and returned became the leader, however, during the time where the shoids toke over, they have changed their test of leadership into one fixed leader and his first child, boy or girl, would be the next leader, the leader has the job of breeding as much as possible with as much as possible glidars of the opposite sex to unsure survival, and can only breed with glidars, through this counts as a law for all remaining glidars, the leader is bound to this, for there are always a few that do not listen to this law at all times.


are hospital creatures that live more like shamans, believing their ancestors will watch over them, they however do not like it if a visitor stays for more than 2 days in a row as they do not breed at all when an outsider is present, and they are a bit needing in that department, it is also not uncommon as they breed in the outdoors, that a couple that breed will result in half of the population breeding at the same time, there leader is always connected to the last one as the current leader chooses an apprentice to follow him/ her up when he/ she dies


have now specific customs and no leaders, the live as humans do, though they do tend to not care about appeal, as a lot of the females work in brothels, they are expensive but know not only how to please a human man, but they are not able to breed with humans and are immune to human std’s meaning human males can have their pleasure without the need for protection with no problems, unlike the human females..

The males tend to work more as arms for hire and assassinations.


officially all lizzay have their own language, but they are able to understand each other, the human tong (as they call it) was the hardest to learn for them, but in time all civilians know it by birth, and in the other tribes there are members that can speak it as well, most of the time this is a high ranking person in the tribe.


All lizzay have one thing in common regarding abilities, that they adapt and even evolve quickly to new surroundings and other outside influences, they can mate with anything that is of reptile race and it seems that the new child bears more of the “wild” parent in its ability’s and appearance, giving birth to new sub-races in time, though none of these have ever been able to pass on their genes and become extinct, they will most likely developed more as the story passes with new ability’s and new breeds)


have a superhuman strength and are very durable, they seem to be able to communicate with the nature and use this as a long range communication system, some believe that a few reptilians are able to grow plants, or at least restore them, if this is real is unknown, but they do have the ability to make the ground tremble and other earthquake like effects as fissures due to their super strength, the range to these quakes are limited to a short range, the exact range differs between individual, where the longest range has been as far as a human can see.


are able to breath underwater, are agile, able to spit one of 3 elements of water, poison and acid, the can control their side tails and use them as whips, they have poisonous fangs and a strong blow in their back tail


are fire, magma and heat immune to the point that they can get stronger and faster with it, they have a extreme speeds, ranging between a pro athlete (at lowest) and a high speed train (at highest) and a body temperature the same as flames. they however are bad at making turns when running.


are able to glide on the air currents, their tail is a razor sharp lightning rod that they can use to redirect lightning away from their main body, but also to protect them self with, the tail never seems to decay so it’s still useful after death, they can feel the coming weather trough the wind and predict where the wind will be coming from next.


carry a natural armor that is as durable as steel, in the armor is space to store things as that on their skin and in the armor are small pockets that can store lightning that usually strikes their habitat, they can use this lightning as a self-defend ability, to attack or enhance their armor with, they can learn to do more things with this lightning if they live with other races and their technology for a while, they can crawl into their armor and even detach parts for a while


are as agile, stronger and slightly faster than normal humans, they are able to use human armor and weapons, have a strong natural sense of melee fighting and strong fighting instincts, they are quick to pick up new things and new languages and seem to keep developing more as time passes on a quicker note then the other lizzay develop.


The Lizzay have never seen or been in contact with Magiwaves as far as known. Though it is speculated that the rapid evolution process might be due to different magiwaves that get build up in areas. But this theory is only due to the elemental connection each race seem to have. beyond these natural elemental abilities the Lizzay have, they are unable to learn any types of magic, Only the Civilians might be able to learn Neutral magic, but up till now there have been non seen using the magiwaves (due to them not knowing of its existence)


Lizzay homeworld has been called by the Civilians: Draconia, as they think them self as decedents of dragons and humans and is located in sector: 76 this planet is one of the largest in the galaxy with 3 moons and a lot of different eco systems that makes some human scientists wonder how different Lizzay may evolve in the ones that are not yet inhabited (as far as is known), interesting enough most of these eco systems are close together or even right next to each other changing from jungle to swamp with the difference of one step, however this has giving birth to some strange and dangerous weather patterns and other issues as a mountain that is struck by lightning on a basis so regular you might say it is always raining thunder, yet it only rains once a week. the oceans of this world and most of its land (75%) are still not explored and may hold a lot of secrets, unknown animals and who knows? there are rumors about having seen some ruins but the area is always covered in mist so it is unknown if this is true and impossible to see an area to get there the planet is the only one in this solar system.

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