Crystal types:

-Oxiodentice: Common crystals on the planet telqan and easily grown, these supply air on the shiira homeworld and their space ships.

-Ellectrose: Common crystals grown by the Shiira, these crystals are electrically charged to supply spaceships with power for lights and more, they do need a Tech specialist to keep them charged up.

-Graviton and Graviton cups: a special and rather rare crystal radiating a small gravity field, stick them to boots and you can walk in zero-G, in a cup and liquids would stay put in zero-G.

-Diamond hardened ellectrose: Ellectrose crystals hardened by diamonds to work as a strong armor for fighters and spaceships, able to withstand most kinetic attacks and deflect energy based attacks.

- Crystal contact enhancer: A small square crystal fitted in a golden frame, these crystals are made by Shiira for long range contact, allowing Shiira on the ground of a planet to communicate using their own languege with the Shiira in space on the ship.
Crystal contact enhancer

Volray's Crystal Contact edhancer

These crystals are only given to high ranking officers and those approved to go rogue/ solo in missions and are fitted on clothes near the head.

-core crystal and ellectrose core crystal.

Specialists: Shiira use their own natural ability for their tech, specialists are Shiira trained to do special tech. jobs.

-Heavy control specialist: these Shiira are trained to control heavy matters made from crystal, they are responsible for moving spaceships trough space and acting in emergencies.

-Botanica specialist: These Shiira are trained to harvest and replant telqan's native crystal plants, as to keep them alive for food reasons.

-high space vision specialists: these Shiira are trained to see into space and act as scouts and radars, each individual can see a radius of 25M and look in a dept of 25KM.

-Twin crystal spire specialists: these Shiira are trained to swiftly create and launch twin spires to a target as a main offence for the Shiira main ships

-Hellio tracking shard specialists: these Shiira are trained to control parts of the ships armor by breaking bits off and swiftly rebuild the broken parts, the broken shards will be controlled from there out to attack an target.

-- there are 3 groups, the frontal system using this attack in offensive matters and the side system using this attack as a deffensive attack matter, the defensive use this not as a attack but as a extra shield that can damage if made contact with it but also blocks out sight of the ship.

(Shiira specialist that control weapon systems are also responsible to work with the heavy control specialist to build a large defense and quickly accelerate the ship to do a ship ramming attack, some ships like the main series will also need the tech specialist for this attack)

-tech specialists: these Shiira are trained to be rather allround but mostly focused on reparing the ship and making sure every other crystal based system (as the ellectrose) keep working non stop.

-Core master specialists: these Shiira are currently being trained to learn how to control the unstable side of the core crystals hoping to learn 2 new ways of using the core crystals



-Twin Pillar (see Pillar)

-Sand Rook

-Sand Knight (see Sand Rook)



-Stealth glide wing

-Fighter core

-Special Blade core glider

Tanks/ vehicles:

-Crystal Roller

-Crystalized crystalix

-Highglide: in general crystal made planes controlled by a heavy specialist, can be fitted with Crystal gattler of either type (will need a second pilot for the gattler)

-Transport shuttle: as the name mention, a shuttle that be move on the planet and in space by a heavy specialist to transport stuff and people (generally fitted on a large ship as well).

Weapon systems defenses and field weapons:


--twin spire launcher

--hellio tracking shards(frontal system)

--crystal light lazers

--Crystal gattler

--ellectrose bomb

-super weapon systems:

--opening front core cannon


--diamond quartz armoring (heavy class armor fitting for tanks and other heavy armored vehicles)

--diamond hardened ellectrose hull (special heavy class armor with energy defense added fitting for spaceships)

--Hellio tracking shard (side system)

--Hellio tracking defensive

--ellectrose overload

--rotating defense plates

-Super weapon defensive:

--core crystal overload

--Core defending shields

-other weapons:

--Spiked Pillar defense ram

--graviton spin


-core portal

-Black diamond cloaking

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