Races without enough information on them to warrant their own page, but should still be mentioned somewhere. There is no standard format required, the most important part just being a paragraph or two describing about them, one about appearance and one in general information. The list should be in alphabetical order. A race may have it's own page created for them if we feel it's warranted.

Blumn Edit

They are squat humanoids around 7 feet tall on average but the women are smaller by about half a foot and sometimes more slender, but not always. They have tough, bumpy, skin of dark blue, purple, or grayish color. They have naturally armored arms and shins. Six fingers and toes. Four beady red eyes.

They are often simple minded and stubborn. Most of them remain in the solar system they have control over but are in UNT territory so some went off to join them in low numbers.

Feethrali Edit

Often just called the Feeth, they are a mysterious race that looks like furry white starfish, only they can use magic to levitate through the air and four of their arms are normally facing backwards, the front arm being more of the head with a single blank white eye with a black dot as a pupil at the tip. Their mouth is at the center of their body where their arms meet.

They speak in beautiful humming but can communicate telepathically if they attach themselves to someone, or even connect with their nervous system on a primitive level and speak through them. They do not ally themselves with anyone.

Igris Edit

The Igris, Igrissi being plural or possessive, are a race of humanoids who look like normal Humans but have developed wings on their back allowing them flight. The most common color is brown but there can also be white, black, or red. A smaller sized race, only around 5'5" for males on average while the others average 5'9" for males, have baby blue wings. The blue wings are often more shy and considered pushovers while the red wings are considered the most aggressive.

The Igris joined the UNT and are lower medium in power, but some can have very powerful magic.

Minindo Edit

The tallest of them are only around 5 feet tall, the shortest around 3 and a half feet. They are insect humanoids with chubby looking exoskeletons. They have two antenna, each about the length of their rounded heads. Their two circular eyes are rich in color and can be various colors. They have no nose. They have a pair of mandibles that open and close like a normal human jaw but doesn't use teeth. They have three armored fingers/three armored toes on each hand/foot. Unlike a lot of insect races they are prone to wearing a lot of conservative clothing.

They are not as populous as a lot of insect races either, having more quality over quantity approach. They can sense win with their antennas very well; enough where they could fight most people blind if they had to.

Niiroan Edit

They are humanoids with very dark hair, blue skin, roundish ears, and two inhumanly large red/orange eyes that look like a fly in that they are actually segmented.They are actually mammals. Their nose doesn't protrude much with just two small nostrils. Small, pointy, triangular teeth. Index fingers are a tad longer than the rest of the fingers. Slim fingers and toes as well as a slim and small body in general, only 5 feet on average.

They are not exactly loyal to any one alliance.

Yuun Edit

Slender, grey skinned, and hairless humanoids. Three fingers and three toes on each hand/foot. Oddly shaped head looks sort of like a cross with their eyes still near the middle rather than the extended portions of his head on the left or right, which is actually to sense positioning underground. Their eyelids close from a single lid on the outside corner of the eye that close inward. Their nose is only two holes. No visible ears. Wide mouth and tongue with only flat teeth.

They have spread out around the southwest sectors of the galaxy but haven't made much of a name for themselves or exist in large quantities. Some joined the UNT.

Zes Edit

Mostly humanoid but purple skinned, long slender ears that can reach past the skull, cool colored eyes replacing the whites of the eye and a diamond shaped pupil. They have monochrome hair on the head and lower back like a horse's tail. A lot of them have fancy tattoos on their bodies.

They are a very rare and have a long history, having fought in the Grand Unification War, that saw to it the formation of the UNT, on the side of the Yu Ghreda.

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