The legendary discipline of magic in the neutral group is the most rare magical formations in existence, not something that just anyone can learn and use. They're often absurdly powerful in one way or another and only activated by chosen ones who are called prophets in some cultures. It's unknown what makes someone a chosen one to inherit a legendary discipline, or why it's only usable by said people, which is similar to the question why the genetic discipline of magic also only works for certain people based on genes. The individual cases are unique. Some are born with a legendary discipline potential while others have it activated after doing something, such as stumbling into an ancient shrine. In such cases, however, it's sometimes not only that because the results cannot always be duplicated by others.

Individual List Edit

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Magic List Edit

Flower Blossom That Falls 1,000 Seasons (Rough English Translation) Edit

Known Users - Celena Ellis

Description - Low energy cost, high formation difficulty, high difficulty keeping it active for extended periods of time. It got it's name due to how long the original user was said to be able to keep a flower blossom in the air by using this technique on it. It's able to slow down time outside a sphere of influence by an average of 4,000 times. Average max range of sphere of influence is 260 feet. If the object moves from within the sphere of influence to the outside it still keeps moving at it's original speed for roughly a second before slowing to a stop at around 50% of it's speed per second. Celena is known for the ease of which she can make such a difficult formation, making her a prodigy at it despite the power of her spell not being anything special as far as this spell is concerned.

Instant Analysis Edit

Known Users - Leader of SCPC

Description - Negligible energy cost, low formation difficulty, negligible effort keeping active. Able to instantly calculate the velocity and direction of everything within the field of view, including future projections based on all of the information should no other outside force interfere or a viewed object being able to change it's velocity or direction. For example, a coin flip could be determined while still spinning in the air should nobody physically interfere with it. The leader of the SCPC is able to calculate even the smallest of safe zones within a barrage of laser fire based on the weapon aim before a shot is fired.

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