Because all Krunkling technology is either improvised or looted from an enemy, there is no consistent standard for it. However, there are certain consistencies in terminology and characteristics, which is what this page lists.




A typical cuttah

Cuttah is the Krunkling word for any kind of melee weapon, whether it actually “cuts” or not. Axes are by far the most common, but knives, swords, clubs and the occasional spear also exist. Most cuttaz are jagged in some way and/or enhanced with crudely bolted-on spikes to make them extra painful. Every foot soldier carries at least one cuttah, usually as a back-up weapon, but there are plenty of enthusiasts who prefer to disregard guns and dual-wield cuttaz into battle.



A typical shootah

Shootaz are kinetic guns of any kind, the weapons most commonly favoured by Krunklings. Pistols, machineguns and shotguns are all common. Sniper rifles are unheard of, unless it was looted from an enemy, in which case they’ll still end up using it in close range. They’re sloppily constructed yet fully functional, and often decorated with gratuitous metal spikes. They usually shoot jagged bits of metal rather than actual bullets. Crude bayonets are very common on two-handed shootaz.

Shootaz have a lot of firepower for their size but are very inaccurate, very loud and have high knockback. In fact, these last two features are praised by the Krunklings as the tell-tale signs of a good shootah. Some Krunklings will purposely design shotguns so powerful that the recoil sends the user flying. Due to their shoddy construction, especially the machineguns tend to suffer from overheating problems.

The vast majority of a Krunkling army uses shootaz in one way or another. Many prefer to shoot at their enemies from a moderate distance with a machine gun, but even more like to get up close to the enemy with a shotgun or a pistol and cuttah combo.


A boomboom is any kind of explosive. Most are hand-thrown grenades, but the occasional rocket launcher exists as well. Any grenade that destroys a lot of stuff is very popular among the Krunklings. Flash, smoke, etc. are never used, as they’re usually more harmful to the poorly organized Krunklings than to their enemies. Boomboomz are commonly used by foot soldiers, and some are such enthusiasts that they’ll bring an entire bag to lob in the general direction of their enemy.

Troopah flingazEdit

A large stationary weapon that resembles a crudely constructed catapult. It can fire stones, but since that’d be awfully ineffective in this day and age, its preferred ammo is… Krunklings. Many troopaz will volunteer to be thrown by the troopah flingah, over enemy fortifications, in order to land inside the enemy’s base and start wreaking havoc. Due to their flexible skeleton, doing this is surprisingly harmless to them.



A Kurr is any vehicle on wheels. This mostly comes down to motorbikes and armoured cars. Motorbikes are built for speed and are used to quickly get into the heat of battle, and subsequently to run over any enemy in your way. Armoured cars are used as group transports and/or combat vehicles. The Krunklings don’t differentiate much, so any armoured kurr tends to have mounted shootaz on it. Both types tend to leave trails of smoke wherever they go due to their crude gas engines.



A typical tenk

Occasionally, a group of diligent Krunklings will get together to build a tenk. They tend to look like any other tank, but more shoddily constructed and often decorated with gratuitous spikes. They come in several shapes and sizes, and may have a crew size of between one and ten Krunklings. Some tenkz may ride on wheels instead of tracks, blurring the line between a tenk and a kurr.

Koptaz and bommazEdit

Once a clan grows to a certain size, some Krunklings will inevitably get the idea to attack from above. Koptaz and bommaz closely resemble helicopters and planes respectively. Koptaz are usually a one or two-man vehicle and outfitted with an obscene amount of machineguns to fire down at enemy infantry. Bommaz tend to be bigger and favour carrying giant boomboomz that they can drop down at the enemy, though most also have shootaz for air-to-air combat.

Rokkit pakzEdit

When a kurr or a troopah flingah still doesn’t get you to the enemy fast enough, the next logical step is, according to certain Krunklings, to tape an explosive rocket to your back, light it and try to fly into the enemy’s general direction. This rarely ends well for the Krunkling in question, but the same goes for whoever he’s flying towards. It’s like a very crude guided missile that can make slight adjustments to its course to ensure hitting its target. The user will usually also take a shootah up with him and fire down at his enemies as he’s flying through the air, bypassing potential cover. Rokkit pakz are one of the greatest testaments of how dangerously insane the Krunklings can be.

Krunk mekzEdit

Krunk mekz

A group of Krunk mekz. Guess which one is da Bozz.

While many Krunklings are content charging their enemies on foot or in a tenk, the more ambitious ones strive to turn themselves into Krunk mekz. Krunk mekz are vaguely-humanoid one-man vehicles that are neurally linked to their pilot, allowing them to control it the same way they control their regular body. They look like crudely-built mechs in many shapes and sizes, usually between 10 and 40 feet tall. Most walk on legs, though some may have wheels or tires.

They always have at least two arms, often four, each of which equipped with some kind of weapon. Upsized shootaz and cuttaz are common among lesser mekz, but the more ambitious Krunklings seek out more powerful weapons to attach. Common attachments include buzz saws, chainswords, rocket launchers, flamethrowers and Gatling guns.

Space shipsEdit

Krunkling ship

A group of Krunkling ships

Seeing a Krunkling ship is not common, but when they do appear, it means trouble. When a clan grown sufficiently large, they will begin a massive collaborative effort to construct these. All Krunkling ships are small to medium in size, as large and capital ships are too complex for them to man, but they will construct a ton of them to compromise.

Krunklings don’t do shields; rather, they just make the hulls of their ships obscenely thick. It’s a perfectly viable solution in combat, though with nothing to intercept space debris, it does cause their ships to wear out over time. The armour tends to be strongest at the front and weakest at the rear. After all, retreating is un-Krunky. They favour lots of large kinetic weapons, which when mounted on ships are called kannunz.

A common subtype of Krunkling ships is the rammaz. A rammah is a ship with a powerful engine, little to no guns and an enormous knife-shaped metal ram on the front, usually taking up 1/3 of the ship’s total length. In battle, its crew will steer it directly into an enemy ship at full speed, tearing through the hull and possibly cleaving smaller ships in two.

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