Cyrians believe that all gods, high beings and whatnot all exist in the same plane of existence and are part of the same family/ realm.

That each religion is made from how the gods have been split up between the races in order to make a balanced power between them all, the stronger the gods the less a race is given.

They themself possess a lot of gods and in their eyes each god is just as individuals, having their own interest, personality, hobbies and talents and thus various important traits and stories.

In this list each god shall be listed for reference values (so I (Drake Baku) and anyone that playes with a Cyrian dont mix the info up)


Luna is the goddess of water, ice and health.

Luna has been discribed as a gentle female god in most cases, but those that break her rules tend to be given the cold shoulder.

Luna's rules have always been to be respectful to those who won and mercyful to those who lost, as long as Cyrians follow these rules they would be blessed with good health.

Luna's hobbies are said to be skinny dipping, ice sculturing, watching the oceans, guiding lost souls and bringing winter.

Luna always protects her little sister Aurioan from Arzec's advances to make sure her sister will not break away from her important path.


Arzec is the God of fire, magma and brutal war.

Brutal war would mean if the Cyrians would get in a real war and not a contest for strength, a war where its win or die, needless to say, this god has been neglected for a long time.

Arzec is said to be brutal and loves to kill needlessly, when there is a fire or a vulcanic eruption, it is always Arzec who is behind it in an attempt to take more lives and precent them to Aurioan, who Arzec is madly in love with but can never be together with due to Luna standing between them.


Aurioan is the Goddess of Live, death and animals.

Aurioan is Luna's little sister and given the biggest job in the Cyrian's believe, guiding the deceased to the afterlife, punishing those who did bad things during their live and giving souls to new children, animals and plants.

She is often approched by Arzec and tends to hide behind her big sister, finding him scary, though not really knowing him.

Aurioan loves to roam the woods and farm fields, smelling flowers and comuning with nature in the rare moments of free time.

She knows a lot of health and sicknessess and has no issues with trying to heal those she finds, granted it would not be their time yet.


Gorven is the God of earth, animals and nature.

Gorven is Arzec's father and has always been in charge of controlling the earth, suppressing underground activity and releasing it at times, creating mudslides and much more.

he also watches over animals, warning them of the coming dangers.

When he has some free time he likes to help Aurioan with growing plants and developing nature's evolution.

if he is not working on his godly duties he tends to sleep, having broken all contact with his immoral son.


Silra is the odd one out of the Cyrian gods, ignoring her duties and playing with the world instead, creating storms, toying with leaves and disrupting the work of Nove.

Silra is the goddess of Wind and weather.

she is the prime example of being a sloth


Nove is the god of light and heat, warming the planet by guiding the sun's rays to it.

He is why light exists and is seen as the strongests and with it the leader of the Cyrian gods.

He is always bothered by Silra's attempts to break the warmth he brings and the storms she creates but that is because he is secretly in love with her, but due to his position he can never afford a relationship to begin with

he is very focused on his job and the prime example of being serious and loyal.

Argur and NoiraEdit

Argur and Noira are the twin siblings governing electricity, darkmatter, anyother type of energies and powers and guide those who travel through space.

Argur is a Young God with the body of a teenage boy who loves to examen and explore electronical systems and technology.

Noira is a young goddess with the body of a teenage girl who examens the flow of all types of powers, energies and radiations.

They can always be found holden each others hands and will get weak if they leave each others side for a too long if time.

They tend to live together and away from the other gods, due to this rumours exist that they may indulge in forbidden love with each other, which resulted in Cyrians learning of this forbidden possibility, through under Nove's rules this was soon declaired as a Crime in the eyes of the gods.

Irrilian and YgrdaEdit

Irrilian and Ygdra are god like lovers govering genders, sexuality and furtility.

Often couples pray to the god of the other gender to increase their chances of consumating, finding love, conciving a child and other similar requests.

These two are said to practice and developing new posibilities in their free time.


Morgul is the god of darkness, shadows, destruction, corrosian and the end of all non living and plant based matter.

Morgul is a god that is to be feared, not because he signals the end but because he has became waery with everything.

He now lets stuff flow naturally but also can not be bothered to be called or he will find you an pain and in the legends would cause destruction all around you until you end up burried under the rubble.

due to this, Cyrians never call his name out loud and dare not whisper the name either, only those who have a death wish call out to Morgul.


Nothrim is a name given to a God or Goddess who follows those with wishes, granting these wishes, but also a name to gods who follow Cyrians and protect them and bless them with well being, success and wealth.

Acording to Cyrian lore, there are various lower gods who all do these acts and al listen to the same name, each however is a separate individual with their own wishes.

Due to this people end up following different customs when it comes to Nothrim, some say they have a female, some have a male, some are more protected and others more blessed.

however they all share the same equally based trait of wishing on Nothrim in that a sacrifice or tribute is required, however these tend to change from Nothrim to Nothrim, some require a donation to the nearby church or shrine (depending on where you live), others a promise, and some require an kind of act, however not all of the tributes/ sacrifice tend to be as inocent either, some request blood or the taking of a girls virginity against her wish.

Some Nothrim also end up changing their sacrifice/ tribute from time to time, getting bored of the same request or an other Nothrim will take over for the previous Nothrim.


Erugun is the god who rules the laws of physics and with it is often enough seen as the god who rules over all matters not given to the other gods.

Erugun is seen as a chubby hairy man with an literal Iron fist as a right hand and a female touch as a left arm.

It is said that he has no hobbies as he is chained to the universe and the laws he has to keep up, chains are often spoken as a litteral term, through a few Cyrians feel it may be an term used to indicate how he is unable to escape his busy live, but those Cyrian's are about 1 in a million, which with the size of the planets only show more how few they are and even so they often dont speak their mind about it as its a trivial view anyway.

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