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Chain sword

A schacks’rakahn

The most notable of Cho’zhar weaponry are the schacks’zoch, which translates to chain weapons. They utilize the concept of a chainsaw into a viable weapon. They come in several shapes and sizes, but the most common design is the chain sword, called schacks’rakahn by the Cho’zhar. It’s essentially a sword with a chain of sharp teeth running along the cutting edge, moving at high speed to tear into anything they touch, powered by an energy source in the handle.

Chain axe

A schacks’rah

The second most common form is the schacks’rah, meaning chain axe. It usually has a more powerful engine in the head rather than the handle, thus gaining more power but becoming top-heavy and more cumbersome in return. One-handed swords and axes make up the majority of chain weapons in use, but chain daggers, greatswords, greataxes and polearms also exist.

While chain weapons are often mocked by more “advanced” races for their seemingly crude design, they’re capable of tearing through many types of body armour and making quick work of the person inside. Even light to medium armoured vehicles are known to be torn apart by the deadly teeth, especially when a greataxe is involved.

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