Everyday Borr technology is up to par with other advanced races while doing nothing particularly impressive. It’s their military technology that stands out, due to their long history of strife against other races. Just like the Borr themselves, their military technology tends to favour offensive and defensive power over speed or usability. Because they only need relatively little of it, much of their equipment is high grade and rather expensive. They excel at armoured warfare and artillery, but are severely underdeveloped at air support and fast attack vehicles.


Borr tend to wear heavy suits of metal armour into battle, as it puts their great strength to use and makes up for their natural lack of agility by turning them into living tanks. There are two tiers of standard-issue armour that the Borr rarely deviate from, called hoplite and cataphract armour, as well as an outdated tier called support armour.

Hoplite armourEdit

The most common of Borr armour. It’s a fairly bulky suit made of metal and plasteel, with plates of urtanamite reinforcing vital points, primarily the chest, back and head. The helmet covers the entirety of the face and has two goggles of transparent hardened plastic to see through. It grants great protection from small arms and fair protection from anti-armour weaponry. Soldiers wearing this, called hoplites, make up the backbone of a Borr platoon. Hoplites always carry either a gun or a melee weapon in their main hand, and a combat shield or tower shield in their off hand.

Cataphract armourEdit

The heaviest set of armour, worn by frontline fighters who carry two-handed weapons, to compensate for the loss in defence from not carrying a shield. It’s even bulkier than the hoplite armour and has plates of urtanamite protecting the entire body, thicker around the torso and head than the limbs. It makes the wearer practically immune to small arms fire and surprisingly resistant to artillery and anti-armour weapons. However, it’s so heavy that it can’t be combined with a tower shield, as even the strongest of Borr won’t be able to effectively carry both. Soldiers wearing this are called cataphracts and carry a variety of two-handed firearms and melee weapons.

Support armourEdit

Support armour was originally the lightest of Borr armour, favouring utility over defence. It was a fairly form-fitting plasteel suit that served to protect the wearer against small arms fire without significantly hindering their speed or dexterity. These were worn by Borr who don’t directly participate in prolonged combat, such as spaceship crews, artillery crews, combat medics and scouts. Over the many years, they have gone out of use, mainly due to the rise of DefenseWeave as a substitute. The amount of Borr in these professions has also been rapidly decreasing since the integration of the hierarchy into the IGCP, as a lot of the races they’re allied with can perform these tasks more efficiently.


The Borr make heavy use of two types of physical shields, combat shields and tower shields. Combat shields are the size of a medieval heater shield, upscaled for use by a Borr and made from a solid slab of urtanamite. They can deflect all but the most intense armour-piercing attacks and are used primarily by melee fighters to block enemy melee attacks and provide minor cover from gunfire.

A tower shield is a giant rectangular shield, around 9 foot tall and 6 foot wide, big enough to give full-body protection to a Borr. It’s made of titanium with a plate of tronolok as its core; not as strong as a combat shield, but close. Due to its size and weight, it functions more as mobile cover than as a conventional shield and is thus used by ranged fighters to form shield walls. Because the shield is strapped to the user’s forearm, the shield hand can still be used for reloading a weapon, but can do little else.



Seismic HammerEdit

The most unique of Borr weaponry is the seismic hammer. It looks like a giant sledgehammer, 8 foot long and over 800 lbs in weight. The giant rectangular head consists of a tronolok casing with a kinetic energy converter inside. The converter is switched on and off by a pair of buttons on the hilt. When switched on, a small energy field forms around the head, which crackles with static electricity. When the weapon is swung and hits a solid object with enough force, the kinetic energy converter will amplify and redirect the kinetic energy of the swing, causing an omnidirectional shockwave to emanate from the head of the hammer. The shockwave will both fling away loose objects (and people) within its range and cause violent tremors within the solid object that the hammer initially hit, tearing it apart like an earthquake.

Usually, hitting a person isn’t enough to set off the shockwave; hitting something truly solid like a wall or the ground is required. The radius of the shockwave depends on the force with which the hammer impacts, but can reach up to 25 feet when swung with full strength.

With its raw destructive power, the seismic hammer is excellent at both breaking though enemy fortifications and annihilating entire enemy platoons in one swing. It should however be used with extreme caution, as the shockwave will indiscriminately harm both friend and foe. Seismic hammers are only wielded by Borr wearing cataphract armour, as they’re the only ones capable of taking the shockwave at point-blank range without being pushed off their feet or injured. Even then, successive hits cause the wielder to be battered inside his armour, so the seismic hammer shouldn’t be used for too long. Any allies, especially those who aren’t Borr, should take care to keep their distance from a seismic hammer wielder, or risk being flung off their feet and possibly killed by the shockwave.


As one might guess, the Borr have a knack for truly gargantuan tanks. The total number of tanks in use by the Hierarchy is very small, but even the smallest are lumbering monstrosities by the standards of most races. Because their sheer size and firepower is prone to causing collateral damage, they are only put to use when facing very heavy resistance. The Borr aren’t nearly as proficient when it comes to light or air vehicles, so they tend to rely on their allies to supplement them when required, primarily the vehicle-savvy Mon Kett.



Borr spaceships tend to be heavily armed and armoured, but due to their small population even the largest ships are only medium-sized by other races’ standards. The interior of their ships is upsized to accommodate their great size, but this is barely noticeable from the outside. They’re also not particularly fast due to the heavy load of arms and armour. Faster Borr ships for non-combat purposes do exist, but not many. They favour kinetic and plasma weapons, but pherza is also not unheard of.


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