these engins are a Glaizart unique engin type.

they are based to work solely with the hyperlong articial lights systems that connect the Glaizart planet's with each other.

these engins are build in any glaizart ship together with the Generic Reactor engins so the pilot can use and switch when needed, but this happens almost never.

the engins work by using the special magnetic energy the particles send off to propulse the ships forward, this system uses the save set out path's and make it easier for cargo transport between the planets, also this system is basically a automatic transportation, as the particles are fixed on a road, the ship will follow this path even if there are no pilots on board.

the downside to this system is that the speed is not very high, not much mind this trough as you do not really need to control the ship and as the path is a one way road, no one needs to control the ships so even if late it will surely come.

the biggest weakness to the low speed is however that pirates might target the ship, but this is covered by 2 other systems working with the hyperlong articial lights: Lane Light shielding and the Generic Linier AI systems.

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