The Liberte class is the main light cruiser of the UIS military , but it is also commonly used by its "traders".


The Liberte is a small ship , sacrificing its size for superior speed and agility. Despite this the ship is decently armed and shielded. It also sports impressive cargo holds for its size , making it a perfect choice for blockade runners.

Size: 250 meters long , 70 meters wide , 40 meters tall.

Atmospheric capability.



12x "Penlight" class point lasers.

26x "Cleaner" dual railgun countermeasures.

Ship-to-ship weapons:

4x "Miasma" short range plasma cannons.

4x "Earthlight" Anti-ship laser cannons.

6x (4 front 2 back). Missile launchers with: 64 conventional ship-to-ship directed plasma warhead missles and 3 "Type 02 Hydrogen warheads"


Reactor: UIS cruiser reactor (Informations undisclosed)

Shielding: "Type 03 Phantasm variant B" UIS light cruiser shield.

Engines: 5x Repulsion-Negative grav. engines.

"Onyx-2" FTL slipspace engine.

Advanced sensor array.


One hangar bay , thee slots , two shuttles complement.

Crew: 70 optimal , 40 skeleton, 120 maximum.


The UIS uses these ships mostly for scouting and supporting their carriers. Though they are sent into combat directly on occasion , their load of 3 nuclear warheards means they can occasionally damage larger vessels. This ship is a very successful scout , because it is still armed better then most Scout ships.

In private use this ship is a comfortable yacht or a very useful smuggler , its sleek profile makes it a very pretty sight , and allows it atmospheric flight. Its negative gravity engines allow the ship to float in atmospheric conditions.

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