Lane Light Shielding is a defense system made by the Glaizarts.

Lane Light shielding are based to work solely on the Hyperlong articial lights systems that connect the Glaizart planet's with each other.

these shields are build in any glaizart ship together with the Linar lane engins in order to give defense when using these slow but dependable engins.

the shields work by using the special magnetic energy the particles send off to generate a special magnatic energy shield that is powerd bu the magnatic field and with it has a unlimite supply of power.

The downside to these shields is that trough it has an unlimited power supply, the shields themself are not all that powerful as that an EMP blast might be able to disrupt their systems from working, if the shields are down the ship's AI needs to reestabalize the magnetic partical connection, which might be fast and easy to do, but still leaves the ship open for other heavy attacks in the mean time as that if the ship gets knocked out of the lane's particals the shields will fail to reboot and the AI might be send into a loop, leaving the ship in a stasis lock and unable to do anything untill the pilots start the basic engins manually and reboot the AI itself.

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