An LFT is a shortend name for Large Fast Transporter

these Glaizart ships are as the name say Large, fast and they can transport about large amounts or just large cargo's, and have only 4 crew, where 2 are pilots and 1 is sensor.

they are big long and thin ship using the generic engine al the time, they are the the only Glaizart ships without the Linar lane engins .

they are not cheap to hire and not cheap to build. being more expensive than a SMHT and a SMFT in both building cost and hiring costs, they are equal expensive to the LHT but might be a bit cheaper if the cargo is light and the distance short, but also more expensive if exiting the sector, having a high value cargo and even more if going trough known dangerous area's

these ships are long and thin, longer then a LHT seeming more like a needle at the cocpit going deeper in getting thinner, at specific area's it suddenly get thicker the thickest area is near the end of the ship, close to the engins, their is the biggest cargo space, it also has small flat wings.

they are equipped with:

-multiple Generic Reactor engins

-Aura sense amplifier

-Generic Linier AI systems

-double Shield Generator (of an other race)

they are:

-4 man ships

-the fastes ships of the glaizart but lack in agility


-simple automatic assualt turrent (unknown race)


-heavy lazer cannon (unknown race)

List of Glaizart tech

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