The Krunklings are a powerful race artificially created by the Anolians, designed to be a living weapon. As such, they originated from sector 39, but can now be found almost anywhere, either wandering around the galaxy as pirates and marauders, or fighting among each other on one of many Krunkling-inhabited worlds. With their large population size and fast reproduction methods, they have the potential to be a galactic-scale threat if united under a single banner. However, no one since the Anolians has ever gotten close to that and it’s thought to be impossible, as the Krunklings are notorious for fighting among each other once their numbers get too high.

Due to their violent nature, their entire species is considered an enemy by the IGCP and GAE alike. They’re part of no major faction, though rogue groups occasionally manage to ally with them. Individual Krunklings may be able to get along with other races peacefully, but this is a very rare occurance.


Krunkling troopaz

Krunkling troopaz

Krunklings are 4 foot tall humanoids, with a large pointy nose, long pointed ears, a relatively small brain and a heavy jaw full of big sharp teeth. Their bodies are lean and toned, their skin is green, their eyes are yellow and they’re completely bald. They’re a genderless race, thus they all appear masculine and have no reproductive organs. Their skin is thick and leathery and their bones are flexible like those of a child. Their nervous system is crude and primitive, making them less affected by pain.

One in every 1000 Krunklings is born as a special type called a Belcher. They look similar to regular Krunklings, but are around 8 foot tall and far more broadly built. This girth comes partially from increased muscle mass, but also from a thick layer of tough spongy mass below their skin that decreases the effectiveness of attacks, even bullets. This substance looks like fat from the outside, making the Belchers look rather obese. They're responsible for creating new Krunklings through asexual reproduction (see Birth/Aging).

In order for them to be easily mass-producible, the Anolians designed the Krunklings with certain genetic knowledge, imprinted into their genes. Just like how a human baby innately knows how to move his limbs, a Krunkling is born knowing how to speak, fight and create certain technology. It also causes Belchers to automatically understand and execute their role in reproduction. Besides that, they all have a passive genetic magic that keeps their tech working even when it shouldn’t (see Abilities).

Psychic linkEdit

In order to keep the highly aggressive Krunklings under control, the Anolians designed them to have a minor psychic link that an Anolian mage can take advantage of. It functions as a very light variant of mind control, in the way that it subconsciously marks the user of this ability as a leader figure to those affected by it. This way, the Krunklings, who are otherwise uncontrollably hostile to everyone but each other, could be made to obey the Anolians’ commands and only focus their aggression on the Chutorck.

After the extinction of the Anolians, the Krunklings ran rampant with no one to keep them in check, but the psychic link was not rendered moot. To this day, it exists in the psyche of every Krunkling, allowing sufficiently skilled telepaths to command Krunklings as if they were their leader. It’s a difficult technique for a non-Anolian to utilize and can’t be used to make a Krunkling act against his instincts (e.g. killing himself or going a long time without fighting anything). However, several rogue mages have been known to lead hordes of Krunklings this way, to devastating effect.


It’s thought Krunklings can live as long as a human, but any documents of this are shady at best.

They aren’t born like most animals are. Rather, they’re sort of an animal-fungus hybrid. The Belchers have an extra organ inside their gut that produces large amounts of fungal spores. Driven by their genetic knowledge, they seek out fertile ground (anything remotely fertile will do) and spread their spores across it by barfing them out through their mouth. Wherever the spores settle, large amounts of fungus will sprout over the course of just a few days. The fungus not only draws nutrients from the ground, but will actively break down and absorb most other organic matter it touches.

Within a few days, depending on the amount of nutrients available, entire fields could be covered in a dense layer of mycelium and large mushrooms (up to a few feet tall). From this stage, the fungus naturally begins producing Krunklings. Specialized mushrooms grow large sacs in which fungal matter is transformed into animal matter. Within a few days to a few weeks, the first batch of Krunklings will hatch, fully grown.

From there on, the fungus will continue growing, expanding and producing Krunklings on its own. Fungus fields that are allowed to go unchecked will end up growing to forest-like proportions, with mushrooms the size of trees. Besides creating Krunklings, they also serve as an easily accessible food source to sustain the population. Krunklings can innately tell the birthing mushrooms apart from the others and thus won’t eat those. The mushrooms are poisonous to most non-Krunkling species when ingested.


Krunklings are notorious for being found almost anywhere in the galaxy, killing and marauding as they go, in both small numbers and large ones. Small numbers of Krunklings are usually wandering pirates or mercenaries who do whatever they want. Larger amounts can be found on the many Krunkling-controlled planets, where they form loose factions that battle one another for no particular reason beside a love for bloodshed. While they’re often too occupied fighting each other to bother outsiders, occasionally a particularly successful Bozz will amass a sizable space fleet and launch a large-scale invasion against another race. These are greatly dreaded, as they’ve been known to raze entire planets and turn them into new Krunkling worlds.

Wherever a large group of Krunklings exists, a loose hierarchy will be formed among them, based on the right of the strongest. Many Krunklings strive to craft their own so-called Krunk mek, turning them into literal killing machines. Only the most successful individuals, particularly those who can get the most loot, will achieve this, and once they do, they will be revered as a nobility of sorts by the lesser Krunklings. Thus, any Krunkling horde of sufficient size is led by a relatively small group of iron-clad elites, who hold authority over their underlings by right of being bigga an’ killier. The largest and most powerful (almost always synonymous) of these elites is called da Bozz, and holds the highest position of authority.


Except in rare cases, all Krunklings have roughly the same personality. They all have a love for violence and pillage and a fear of nothing, not even death. While they do have self-preservation instincts, it comes only second to the need to destroy their enemies. This makes them an exceptionally dangerous enemy, as they won’t hesitate to go for mutually assured destruction. While rather unintelligent by most standards, they possess a dangerous amount of cunning that they put to use through trickery and guerrilla tactics, especially if they don’t greatly outnumber the enemy.

The Belchers are different; they don’t actively seek out battle like regular Krunklings do. Rather, when they aren't busy spreading their spores, they'll hang around the fungal fields to protect them from intruders. Belchers can be as vicious as any Krunkling when the fungi are threatened, however.


Their language is called Krunk Spek and is a bastardization of Anolo. Originally, the Anolians had imprinted a basic understanding of Anolo into their genes, but over time the Krunklings have bastardized it into their own language. They care little for grammar and sentences are usually stripped down to their core, e.g. “me shoot you”. Most of their vocabulary exists of Anolo words that have been changed into what some would call a more ghetto version. Some notable words are shootaz (guns), cuttaz (melee weapons), boomboomz (explosives) and kurrz (vehicles).


Due to their small size, regular Krunklings are slightly below human level in terms of strength, but are fairly speedy and surprisingly resilient, especially to blunt force. Belchers are vastly stronger and their protective layer makes them highly resistant to attacks, but they lose a lot of speed in return. Rather than using guns, Belchers will usually projectile vomit spores at their enemies to distract them before going for a melee attack. The spores sting badly against exposed skin and can cause temporary blindness. Inhaling them can cause death within a few hours to a few days if not treated.

The most extraordinary thing about the Krunklings is their technology. They are genetically imprinted with the engineering knowledge required to create improvised weaponry and other technology from almost nothing. To reinforce that, each Krunkling has a passive, genetic magic that keeps their technology working even when it shouldn’t. Although this magic is no replacement for actual engineering knowledge, it goes a long way. Many a time has someone opened up a Krunkling shootah or the engine of a kurr and found that the internal mechanisms are far too shoddy to function… yet they do, as long as a Krunkling is nearby to make it work. This allows them to create technology that should be far beyond their intelligence level. From little more than scrap metal, they can create not only functional firearms and motorized vehicles, but even spaceships and neurally-linked power armour.

See List of Krunkling Tech.


The Krunklings were created by the Anolians as a weapon during the Chutorck Invasion, where their great numbers and ability to thrive in a war-torn environment made them an excellent counter to the Chutorck. Originally, a minor psychic link with the Anolians kept the Krunklings from turning against them and ensured that they would only fight the Chutorck. When the last of the Anolians were killed by the activation of the space distortion bomb, this psychic link was rendered moot, setting the Krunklings free to do whatever they want, to the detriment of the galaxy.



- The Krunklings are quite obviously inspired by Warhammer 40K’s Orks.

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