Krawl are a Blob based morphing race.

Appearance and BiologyEdit

Krawls come in various colors, the colors tend to be based by habitat and with it tend to effect resistance to various traits from the habitats.

Being blobs they have no real form, able to reshape and expend as to take blows much better than your average race.

While they have no eyes they are able to see their surroundings due to a unique electromagnetic pulse they give off, working very similar to an sonic radar that earth’s bat’s use.

Even though they are made from slime they tend to feel soft, squishy yet firm and dry to the touch; however this can vary from individuals, color group and the mood the Krawl has.

They can also harden their outer membrane for various reasons and in various hardness levels.

They can do various tricks seen in fantasy based matters like games, manga’s, H-comics and more, that these universe slim monsters can do.

They can encase matters inside themselves for feeding of it, preserving it, keeping it saves from harm or transport.

The slim they produce can also have various effects (more can be seen in the Habitat and ability sections) It is impossible to tell the gender differences by any normal means, however for those races with a powerful sense of smell, they may notice that Krawl have 3 different types of smell.

Krawl can tell the difference in various ways.

Birth and AgingEdit

Krawl have a 3 gender based reproduction cycle;

-you have the males (who have a chestnut smell) who provide the seed and have full control on the amount of this.

-you have the females (who have a jasmine smell) who provide the eggs and can produce as many as they wish

-finally you have the carriers (who have a vanilla sent) who as their name implies carry the eggs and seed inside themselves, often expending to twice its normal size.

The reproduction often has various carriers for one pair of male and female.

This system works as first 3 touch each other by tentacles that come from the male and female and attach themselves to the carriers, more tentacles are generated to connect to more carriers, then both start giving their seed/eggs at the same time, shooting it though the tentacles into the carrier, only female eggs can be seen moving, though the males tentacle expend in thickness.

The carrier then carries and grows the new Krawls, generally 1 but they can have a total of 5 at the same time, the children have a white membrane around them, showing the children who learn everything from inside the carrier due to their communication systems and already being able to use the electromagnetic pulse from inside the carrier.

On general they possess no real traits of aging and live their live without ever changing, only growing for the first 5 years into an adult.

After about 50 years a Krawl would die and simply just break apart.


Even through Krawls are blobs and seem to be more like monsters or animals, they are actually sentient and live a peaceful live in general.


Krawls are generally rather calm and social; they are naturally curious and helpful

It is not odd to see someone walking with a Krawl as if it’s that persons pet as Krawls often make contracts with people for various reasons and functions.

Only the Black ones tend to be less social and helpful


Krawl actually possess various ways to communicate:

-Sound (the basic between Krawl communication, if you learn to understand the sounds everyone can start to know what is said roughly)

-Electromagnetic pulses (often used as a between Krawl S.O.S.)

-Touch (various ways for this and various ways this works, it can be by connecting to the others electrical field, it could be by hormones, it could give general ideas, it could show images and so much more, however it lacks any real conversation value and is more used to guide, answer or push forward a little)

-Telepathically (A special way, often used between parental groups but can also be a perfect conversation type communication on near limitless range between races, provided the non krawl consumes a bit of the said krawl, which sounds and generally taste awful and gives stomach pain for a few days, this is generally done between races in cases of emergency or when making a long term or important contract)


Krawl have a large variety of food, however it also tends to differ by habitat, but regardless of habitat they all can eat meat, plants and fabrics (clothing)


Krawl can be found on a small planet in sector #. called Luniose.

The planet is filled with various types of terrains and ecosystems and is untouched by any crafting race as far as the Krawl know off, however there do seem to be some ancient Ruines dating back far before the first Krawl was born.

The planet however is the breeding ground for a rare bird that can travel through space creating wormholes when entering the ozone layer.

(see: Myrave )

Habitat effectsEdit

Due to living in various habitats, Krawls have developed into various colors, each their own diet, resistance and slime effects.

-Green: they live in forests and eat generally fabrics and plants; they have a natural resistance against plant based matters and their slime acts like fertilizer

-Red: they live in mountains and eat meat, they have a natural resistance to fire and flames and their slime acts like a powerful aphrodisiac where a single spot touched would case the entire body to become sensitive to pleasure and insensitive to pain and greatly affect the person’s mind and body to the arousal.

-Blue: they live in cold area where there is a lot of water and eat fish, they have a natural resistance against cold and their slime sooths wounds.

-Brown: they live near the planets only volcano and eat rocks and gemstones, they have a natural resistance against Heat in general and their slime burns.

-Yellow: they live in open fields and eat plants and small animals, they have a natural resistance to electricity and their slime can actually be used as a battery

-Pink: they live in swamps and jungles and eat toxic plants and toxic animals, they have a natural resistance to all types of diseases and poisons and their slime can both act as a potent poison and/or a stronger acid then the others can produce,

-Orange: they live in desserts and other dry fields such as desserts and eat pretty much anything, They have a natural resistance to dry air and other drought area’s and their slime is good for the skin and can restore creatures physical water levels to healthy levels by just covering the entire body

Orange Krawls can also often be seen mixing together in a large hole and becoming a large pool of slime (this is the only Krawl known to do this)

-Black: they live in caves and come out at nights and eat fabric, often hanging from tree’s to drop and devour fabrics of unsuspecting hickers, if they don’t find any they attack animals, not eating the meat but the fur or feathers, they don’t have a resistance but instead can take more trauma and other types of assaults then the others and their slime has a small mind controlling property, a small dose can effect a person’s sub consciousness but for a full term control the Krawl needs to be in direct contact, once under control the Krawl can pretty much do anything they want with the person, use their powers, manipulate their bodies hormone levels (even force a woman to become aroused and drop any number of eggs in a second), make them say anything they want and think anything they want, even just shutting down a person’s mind if need be.

-White: they live pretty much anywhere, lacking a resistance to a specific area or grouping but instead able to recover their self’s fast enough that they never have any issues anywhere, they also eat everything and while they dont have a special trait to their own slime, they can use their body's slime as a container to store other Krawl's slimes inside themself (basically overwriting a section of their own slime), they can use this to use the effects of the other Krawls slimes, through they are limited to the amount of slime they have stored as its a store to use up trait.

when carrying an other Krawls slime they will show the color of that Krawl in the section they have the slime stored, if a Krawl has all colors then they are pretty much a rainbow Krawl (which is basically a joke under the Krawl and contractees)

More may exist but these are the only ones to ever have been found.


Krawl don’t really uses Tech due to their bodies structure.



Being made from slime, Krawl have the physical abilities to expend their size and reshape and take various types of damage much better then another race would.

They can harden the outer layer and produce more slime from their insides.

They can cover anything with their body, granted that it’s not too big, for transport, protection, eating and preserving (such as when a person is mortally wounded, they can actually take the person in themselves and keep the person in a living temporal comatose state where the wounds or poisons do not spread or bleed or anything, also useful to keep something that could melt as ice or spoil quickly in perfect state)

Using all these traits together they can take on various large shapes such as scorpions, giant squids and more, they do this to protect their planet.


All Krawl have a single magic technique that only works once they have a Contract with someone, this technique allows them to teleport to the contractee when he/ she calls them, through they have the choice to go or not themself, but generally they always go to help so...

making a Contract is is magic made bond which is activated the same way as a inter-race telekinetic communication connection, together with a vow and a invisible slime made mark where both sides carry a section of the others DNA imprint on their body.

(the vow can be anything from a simple singular task to even long term friendship, at times the Krawl may request something in return but this never tend to be a forced matter and is more of a request or deal type where if its fine and both sides are open for it then it can happen but it is not required and can wait till an other time)

beyond that Krawl can learn magic but have never took the time to focus on learning it in general, they do know a large amount about it however.


Krawl can create various types of slimes, some slimes are color specific and others can be created by all of them but only a few colors can utilize these types much stronger and more diverse and effective than the others. Slime types they all can make to a small extend are:

-Adhesive (working like a weak glue, used to grab stuff or climb on stuff)

-corrosive (various types such as melting fabrics, rocks, bones and more, often used to digest food types)

-Toxic (all Krawl can use a small numbing toxic, generally used to defend themselves or to numb a wound so the person wounded won’t feel the pain for a while, Yellow ones can also enhance the toxic to paralyze the infected section)

-smell blobs (used against predators with powerful sense of smell to lure them away by shooting the blob)

-Aphrodisiac (in small numbers this won’t do anything then make the spot inflicted slightly more sensitive to pleasure and pain, only when a person is covered by a large amount (such as 50% of their outer body mass) before they actually start to become slightly effected by the arousal, even so this remains very weak.


Krawl have become an rather old race by this time and due to various individuals traveling with the Myrave have spread to other planets, from these individuals spawned the Evan and the Cyrian.

Krawl however never kept any logs beyond this, making knowing the history of the race rather open to spectulate.

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