The Korrvain Nymphs are a splinter race from the Dwarvish Korrvain. The Korrvain Nymphs are physiologically, closer in appearance to Halflings or Gnomes. They are the result of weak, malnourished outcasts of the Korrvain , mutating over the course of several centuries. While technically neutral, they align more with the IGCP than with the GAE.

Appearance Edit

They more closely resemble shrunken humans or halflings than they do the Korrvain, with the average height for men and women being around 3 feet, typically pointed ears, and atypically large eyes that appear completely black, there isn't much else different from them and Earthlings.

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Birth/Aging Edit

Korrvain Nymphs are biologically hermaphrodites, with males and females capable of vomiting up the small clutches of eggs. Externally, Nymphs display sexual organs resembling those of humans on male and female Nymphs. But internally, however, male and female Korrvain Nymphs posses the same tools to fertalize their own eggs, using their DNA and that of a partners. They produce the produce the small eggs that are "birthed" via a gag reflex and taken care of until one or two may be ready to hatch some 28 months later.

While the Korrvain Nymphs are naturally promiscuous, they can only harvest the DNA of a partner and produce eggs one month a year, this means as a race they have something of a low growth rate. Because of this, large families are more commonly sought after.

Korrvain Nymphs typically reach the age of 160 (although this varies with members who have other racial strains in their bloodlines), and they reach sexual maturity at the age of 33.

Korrvain Nymphs are biologically hermaphrodites, with both males and females having the ability to reproduce with another Nymph, or any member of another race, regardless of gender. Though externally they posses sexual organs of male and female Earthlings, allowing members of the race to declare sexual identity based on

Culture Edit

Music Edit

Credited with the revival of music in deep space and the creation of the Asteroid Blue sub-genre of music, Korrvain Nymphs have proved to be a very musically inclined race. Despite their small numbers, members of the galaxy with access to music will have at least heard a Korrvain Nymph artist. They are also gifted actors, caravaneers, spies, card players, and are naturally adept at the art of explosives.

Personality Edit

While personalities vary greatly between each individual, two traits are commonly seen among members of the race; flirtatiousness and a desire to take risks.

Language Edit

As a race of people without any real formal government, there is none. Children learn whatever language their parents teach them, and because of their nature as gypsies, this tends to be quite a few. Translators are a commonly used item by the race.

Planet Edit

None, they dwell as gypsies primarily in asteroid belts, very occasionally settling down on planets.

Magic Edit

Unless they have the blood of another race in their DNA, a natural born Korrvain Nymph cannot use magic.

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