The Korrvain are a race of medium power within the GAN Empire. They have a strong military that favours powerful kinetic and explosive weapons and huge, lumbering tanks. Thus, they’re proficient at both offense and defense, but suffer from a lack of mobility and subtlety. Their space fleet follows much the same pattern, but isn't quite as powerful compared to other races’ fleets. They’re also very proficient miners, generating a devent chunk of the GAN’s supply of practical metals (e.g. copper, iron, titanium).


Korrvain trooper

A male Korrvain in battle armour. (Source)

Korrvain look largely like humans and have mostly the same biology. However, due to originating from a high-gravity planet, they evolved to be short, squat and stocky. Men are 4 foot tall on average, and women 3’8. Women are slightly wider at the shoulders than the average human man, while males are even wider. They have a broad chest and short, thick limbs that pack a lot of strength. Women tend to be very curvy, with wide hips and large breasts, but are still strong and muscular despite their plump appearance.

They can have brown, red or black hair and a variety of eye colours. Both genders grow head hair quickly, and it’s common for both to wear it long and either loose or braided. Buzz cuts, Mohawks and boldness have been getting more common among men as well, but are still the exception rather than the rule. Men grow large amounts of facial hair, which they may trim but almost never shave completely. Long braided beards are the norm among them. Men are also endowed with lots of body hair. Women lack such visible body hair in most places, being more like human women in that regard, but tend to be particularly bushy in the places that they do have it.

Internally, they have thicker and stronger bones than humans to deal with the higher gravity. They also have very powerful livers, making it harder to get drunk, minimizing long-term damage when they do, and granting a minor resistance to poisons.


Mating and birthing is the same for Korrvain as it is for humans. They reach physical maturity at the age of 16 and live for 200 years on average.


Korrvain are known for being gruff, stern and down-to-earth. They are slow to laugh and slow to anger, but very loyal to their friends and may hold grudges for a long time. They take great pride in craftsmanship, heavy physical labour and combat, the things that, according to them, define their race.

Many Korrvain live in huge underground cities, something they picked up way back in the iron age as protection against the large surface predators of their home world. With current day’s technology, this is no longer a problem, but many Korrvain still favour underground homes. Some may even live their entire lives underground and rarely see the light of day. In fact, this used to be the norm for a long time, until spacefaring technology and interaction with other races mildened their aversion to the surface world. Many Korrvain still hold a natural fear of high places as a result of their heritage.


The Korrvain government is an aristocracy. Their society is ruled by a variety of noble houses, each of which controls one or multiple planets. A single member of the family is considered the lord of his domain and has nigh-absolute power, while his family members are usually granted other high-ranking positions. By default, the title of lord passes from father to his eldest son, but he’s also free to appoint a different family member as his heir, in case his eldest son is unsuited. Women rarely inherit this position, but it’s not unheard of, in which case they’re called lady rather than lord. The wife of a lord is also called a lady, though in that case the bulk of the power is still in her husband’s hands.

Although this system has been criticized by outsiders, the Korrvain are sufficiently down-to-earth not to abuse this power too much. They usually want what’s best for the Korrvain realm and the GAN, rather than purely for themselves. Besides, they’re still subordinate to the Aunarri Emperor or Empress, who will keep them in line if necessary.


Korrvain are omnivores, so their diet is similar to humans. They prefer simple and filling food, often including starchy plant roots, large mushrooms and roasted meat. Many Korrvain are heavy drinkers, and the race is known for their strong alcoholic beverages, which are drank by booze enthusiasts all over the galaxy. Although their most common drink is referred to in Anolo as Korrvain ale, its alcohol percentage is closer to liquor.


For a long time, the Korrvain held a myriad of superstitions about the surface world, most notably the possibility of falling upwards into the sky, never to be seen again. These are regarded as silly now and mostly brought up in jest, though there are some in the deepest corners of their underground cities who still believe them.


Due to their naturally stocky build, Korrvain are about twice as strong as a human with the same amount of training. They’re very resistant to blunt force due to their strong bones and overall toughness and can handle high gravity much better than most races. They also see better in the dark than most.

On the downside, their short legs make them poorly suited for speed and they’re far from agile. Their thick fingers can be cumbersome for fine manipulation, though those with sufficient practice can usually surpass this problem.

Korrvain aren’t known for their magic prowess, but occasionally possess earth or metal magic of low to medium level.



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