is one of the 3 strongest and most legendary weapons the Glaizart race has ever made.

together with Ariana the short sword and Reapeath the scythe.

Katirana after being made is given to Zeke (the founder of the Zeke clan) and has been in his family line ever since, the weapon can also only be used by Genetic bloodline Galizart and is made for that line to be more preciese.

the weapon's current location is: stolen by Alexis Zeke from his father while running away.

Katirana is made as a Katana but with a different shape:

a unique tip (stopping halfway of the blade and having a support giving it a slight triangle shape), 2 open area's on the back of the sword and in front of these 2 red ruby like gems, the rend of the handle has a picture of a dragon on one side and a phoenix on the other side pressed in it)


Katirana is the sword of offencive assualt having a lot of powers all made for powerfull attacks in any type of situation as a unique power to channel the users unique theme into the weapon for more attack types.

the powers can only be used by someone with the right energy, meaning the family line of the first user and in very rare cases some other individuals.

yet those that cannot use it can expect 3 things, using the sword as a sword or the sword actually back fires energy with a good chance of losing a hand, the last is very comment as the one trying to use it would somehow not be able to hold on to it or when trying to swing it it would suddenly get heavier or just move different then the user tries (as if its guiding the user away from using it)

what causes the difference is unknown but due to it, people think the sword has a mind of its own and judges people someway (as most evil hearted people are the onces having lost their hand)

-Hurricain: a power to release a blast of energy to knock back anything in front of the user and even able to deflect bullets

-Whiplash: using the energy of the glaizart it can extend it blade into a whip like extension of quite a large range depending on the users control/ mastery of the weapon

-Shockwave: by scraching the tip of the blade past a surface it can create a creasent moon wave that can travel without the sword forward and cutting trough a lot of thing before the energy runs out

-Whirlwind: spinning a circle the sword's energy will cut all around the user, his ends when the user stops spinning (but has a weakness that all above or below the spin will go trough as that the user needs to be able not to get to dizzy (basically its a LoZ spin attack)

-Drill wind: the energy used for the Whirlwind move can be focused more around the blade, turning it into a drill for a powerful thrust attack.

-Tempest: using the sword to jump high and make a lot of summersaults while the energy will act like the whirlwind, making the jump go even higher and cutting all it jumps under and over.

-Tempest orb: this techniek can only be used when the user has full mastery and control over the sword, using the same basic of Tempest the energy will not only cut vertically but diagonally and horizontally until all area's around the user are covered making an impregnable orb that when the user is used to this techniek can even move on the ground in any way the user wants (through the Aura sence or some other ability to know where who and what is is needed to know where you are going)

Old users and their unique spells:Edit


nicknamed: the miracle

Zeke was the first user of the sword and founder of the entire Zeke family line., he lived about 140.000 years ago.

theme: Zeke's genetic theme is a hidden secret in the Zeke family, reason to keep it a secret is unknown to outsiders.

special sword power: multiple

-Gurren Zeke

nicknamed: Bladded

the son of Zeke.

theme: Blades

special sword power: stabbing the blade in the ground had resulted in a large amount of swords resembling katirana all made out of aura to pop out of the ground, the biggest 'flower' documented was the size of a large city

-? (blank data/ unkown for now)

-Zabel Zeke

nicknamed: no nickname

father of Alexis Zeke and military Master Chief Petty Officer/Command Master Chief Petty Officer, he has used the sword only once and never used his theme with it.

theme: unknown

special sword power: non

-Alexis Zeke

nicknamed: no official nickname, but currently known as: the thief

Alexis Zeke (my second character for the rp)

theme: Imagination/ limitless

special sword power: unknown

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