Isaac Adapt





Race: Edit

Eremend: lightning




Technichian: computer systems.


Isaac is mysterious about some stuff. He always works alone and never tells how he does what he does but he does it perfectly to a point that it is scary. he has a fascination with magitech and tries to create technology and machines himself in his free time. though that he seems like a loner, he is actually a social person that always listens to wjat others have to say, often being a person people come to for a listening ear or some guidens and so on. he is also an known insomniac with seemingly no draw backs from his lack of sleep and is ot a big eater even trough he is in a great physical condition. He tends to remain calm and hide what he really thinks, often being seen with a smile.

Appearance: Edit

Isaac has yellow eyes, pitch black hair with 2 pointy bangs next to his face and a short pony tail. most note worthy is the large scar on his right scheek that looks like a sword slash diagonally

Abilities: Edit

Race based and natural born abilities Isaac is an lightning elemental Eremend and as such he has natural born powers of electricity, he himself specialize himself mostly in enhancing his own body functions using bio-electrical powers but is also pretty nicely with different attack types.

when he is alone or if his secret ever gets out, he likes to literally jump into electronic systems sich as the ships lighting system to quickly move around as its a slow type of teleportation (he moves as fast as lightning but has to follow the wires) this can be noticed as the lights he passes start to fl I cker for a second. He woukd also use this in times of need where speed is of the highest priority.

His insomnia is self inflicted as he charges his self up on electronic currents by sinply touching something that works or supplies electricity. he also needs less food due to this. the downside is that if he ever gets into a situation where he cant charge up for a while. He will start to become drowsy and soon starts falling into a very deep sleep, deep enough that it would almost seem like a coma.

lastly he has been born with a higher level of the lighting eremends special trait. not just controlling machines with his mind bur being able to interact with machines and computers, it is this trait that made him want to become a technician as he can easily check up and fix or even change/ upgrade comouter programs, basically becomming an temporal AI that can do everything a computer can. but using this trait requires him to basically leave his own body as his mind enters the computer systems, leaving his body fully open. This is one of the reasons he works alone.

Talents and training He has a fascination with magitech and dreams of making a magiwave machine himself. he is always working on creating new tech in his free time and due to his ability to dive into computers he has learned how it all works (he often would say he downloaded the data, meaning he downloaded the data into his own brain) He has quite the battle potential but keeps this a secret.

Magiwave He has not learned any magiwaves yet


Tools fitting for his work and hobby. a small rod with a hidden bladed tip made to conduct electricity.

Biography: Edit

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