Impregnable metalizing armoring is a defense armoring made by the Glaizart race.

Any heavy class ship in the Glaizart transport line and a few other ships aside the transport ones are equipted with this armoring.

The armoring gets placed on the outer sides of the ship to increase its defense rather drastically as a special metal that holds a small amount of an electric current is made to deflect smaller energy attacks and withstand physical attacks to a much higher degree then any normal armoring.

Also the electric current is believed to withstand certain types of radiations much better then any other metal.

The downside to this armoring is that it decreases she ships movement speed, so these ships are often equipted with a bigger engine and or weapons compared to the others to lessen the danger of piloting a slow ship, though even with better engines it often fails to increase the speed to the basic levels.

(NOTE: it is not uncommen for Glaizarts to sell this type of armoring to other races that are interested)

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