The Hyperlong Articial Lights are an unqiue creation by the Glaizarts .

It is made from a special type of powerder that has a unique magnetic property where each color will always remain together on a specivic path.

the magnectic field and even the powder seems to phase past ships that fly trough it rather then get stuck in openings and coners of the ships or disrupt all equipments that are normally weak to magnetic fields.

There are multiple colors and they are set out troughout space from one planet to an other, they are set out to go around each other and so they never cross between themself.

due to the magnetic property, there have been a few special equipments made by the Glaizarts in order to work specivically and only when in contact the the Hyperlong articial Lights:

-Linar lane engins have been made to follow a specivic direction (to where the ship is facing) and glide across the magnetic fields in a slow but surely and possibally unmanned pace.

-Lane Light shielding  have been made to work together with the Linar lane engins to create a magnetic energy shielding that has a much higher defense then most energy shields as the power sourse is a constant and infinite energy supplied from the magnetic property as long as the ship is in contact with the lane.

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