Herois is a planet in the outer most corner of sector 9, and the 5e world of the Gremory


The planet possess a lot of few natural area's being mostly desserts and plains, trough rockfield and vulcanic area's have been sighted as well, there are lakes trough.

the water on this planet seem to be Green in color for some reason.

The Planet has a unique atmosphere giving it a green sky, trough this seems to have no other effects as far as known.

It possess 2 moon.

Planet contantEdit

This planet possess a small but clearly present amount of animals, all of these can be found on the Gremory homeworld of Gigori .

same with the plants.

(see also: Underheav: animals and plants )

you can also find a lot of ruins from the Elder age in different artitecture's, spanning from mayan styles to current modern (by earth/ real world) settings.

This planet is being used to mostly by scientist for research labs on both tech as magic, but multiple dangerous and hard to reach/ hidden locations have been used to create bunkers and storage systems to house dangerous artifacts, there are also a few of these storage systems connected to a lab in order to research some useful Gears on their working and how to mass produce them.

This world is not controlled by the 72 pillars but by the 4 leaders, mostly the military and tech leaders: Amorus and Bezles.

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