Herl is a planet in the outer most corner of sector 9, and the 3e world of the Gremory


The planet possess a lot of natural area's such as forests, mountians, lakes, rivier, oceans and simple plains.

the water on this planet seem to be purple in color for some reason.

The Planet has a unique atmosphere giving it a red sky, trough this seems to have no other effects as far as known.

It possess 1 moon.

Planet contantEdit

This planet possess a large amount of animals, all of these can be found on the Gremory homeworld of Gigori .

same with the plants.

(see also: Underheav: animals and plants )

you can also find a lot of ruins from the Elder age in different artitecture's, spanning from mayan styles to current modern (by earth/ real world) settings.

This planet is being used to house medium class members of the Gremory that could not find or did not wanted to live on the homeworld or were banished for some reason, most of these were born in meduim class families.

just as with the homeworld, this world is controlled and scattered into 72 area's controlled by a member of the bloodlines, In general the bloonline possessors of these territorys hardly if ever come to this planet, instead it is their Queen or other trusted servants that comes and acts as a stand in owner of the territory.

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