Heaf is a planet in the outer most corner of sector 9, and 2e world of the Gremory .


The planet possess a lot of natural area's such as forests and desserts, mountians, oceans and riviers.

The Planet has a unique atmosphere giving it a white sky, trough this seems to have no other effects as far as known.

also all water seems to be colored white when looking at the ocean and riviers but remain their translucient quality.

The planet possess a lot of large caves.

It possess no moons.

Planet contantEdit

This planet possess a large amount of animals, all of these can be found on the Gremory homeworld of Gigori .

same with the plants.

(see also: Underheav: animals and plants )

you can also find a lot of ruins from the Elder age in different artitecture's, spanning from mayan styles to current modern (by earth/ real world) settings.

This planet is being used to house high class members of the gremory that could not find or did not wanted to live on the homeworld, most of these used to be servants and reached high class status, while others are born from high class families.

just as with the homeworld, this world is controlled and scattered into 72 area's controlled by a member of the bloodlines, these are generally brothers or sisters or nephews of the head of the houses and have taken a living in real modern houses.

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