A HS-transporter is a arial vehicle like a plane, the HS stands for Heavy Sky, the Glaizart use these as transportation vehicles to transport cargo for the ships to the docking spaces.

all planes are equipted with human tech to allow flight, but there is talk about a special one fitted with a Generic Reactor engin allowing a small time in outerspace, trough this currently is nothing but rumors, they look a lot like simple cargo plains and will not need (and so on get) a drawing.

-they use human airial tech for flight.

-it uses the same amount of pilots as a human ship.

-there are special military versions but these have not seen the light of day yet and are due to this not discribable.

-they are fast and agile like any plane

equipted with:

-Generic Linier AI systems port (allow user to insert his/ her personal AI)

-normal flight engins from human origin


-possible lazer cannon (other race tech)

List of Glaizart tech

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