A HL-transporter is a land vehicle like a truck, the HL stands for Heavy land, theGlaizart use these as transportation vehicles on the land, moving resources from location to location, as cargo for the ships to the docking spaces.

all trucks are equipted with Aura hover tech as main engin, but they are also fitted with wheels and an ellectic engin if needed, they are rather similair to trucks and due to that will hardly need (and so get) a drawing I think.

they are usually with 2 drivers, one using the hover tech, the other is either backup or in main control (and letting the other handle the hover systems).

-they have both an ellectric engin and the aura hover system.

-it can be driven by one person but usually have 2

-mostly seen on roads, the hover allow to move on almost any ground.

-all are normally civilian trucks but in war times can also be used for military uses, yet no modifications are made making it impossible to tell civilian from military (unless the need is high enough to equipt a weapon on the top)

-they are fast and sturdy

equipted with:

-Generic Linier AI systems port (allow user to insert his/ her personal AI)

-Aura hover tech

-ellectric engin system (from other race)


-possible automatic gatling gun (other race tech)

List of Glaizart tech

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