Gunnos Gimga is a 22-year-old Korrvain who works as security personnel for the IGCP.


Characteristic of a Korrvain, Gunnos is only 4’2 tall, but weighs 180 lbs. He has broad shoulders, thick arms and legs, a barrel chest and a bit of a beer belly. His auburn red hair is shaven on the sides to create a Mohawk (Mr. T style). He has a thick moustache and beard combo of the same colour that is split down the middle at his chin and tamed into two large braids, hanging halfway across his chest. His eyes are naturally a bright purple, but he never shows himself without a pair of coloured lenses that turn them dark brown. He has bushy eyebrows and a big, wide nose that turns red when he’s been drinking.


Whereas many Korrvain are stern and gruff, Gunnos is a jolly fellow even when sober. He’s very social and enjoys making conversation and getting to know his colleagues. He’s easy to laugh and hard to anger. That is, when no immediate danger is involved.

Although he acts sort of like a lovable idiot, he’s more intelligent than he usually lets on and may suddenly turn serious when in dire circumstances. This also reveals a tougher side of him that’s willing to get violent to protect his allies or any innocents. His stance on killing is pragmatic; he does what has to be done if it means saving others.

As a Korrvain, he has a characteristic love for alcohol, which only turns him jollier the more he drinks. Due to his race, weaker drinks like beer and wine have little effect on him, and he instead prefers liquor or good Korrvain ale. He may get very grumpy if he hasn’t had a swig for too long.

Like many Korrvain, he has an appreciation (some might call it a fetish) for great craftsmanship, especially concerning metal and stone. Less characteristic of his race, he has a sort of wanderlust and likes traveling to new places, seeing new things, meeting new people, one of the reasons he joined the Exeralune. He also has a love for small fuzzy animals and a crippling fear of heights. Being on a spaceship is fine by him, after all there is no “down” in space, but standing at the edge of a cliff or on a tall building can cause him some serious panic attacks.


By virtue of his race, Gunnos is very strong and sturdy, but lacks speed or agility. He’s trained in using pistols, assault rifles and shotguns, but prefers the third one most of all. In a melee fight, he can use his fists, axes or clubs quite effectively. His fighting style is far from graceful, but is straight-forward and effective, though he has trouble dealing with faster foes.

As stated, he’s more intelligent than he appears. He knows quite a lot about military tactics, and his actions in combat are often more calculated than they may seem. He’s very knowledgeable on stones and metals and can often differentiate them on sight, whether raw or refined. He’s also pretty good at whittling, for what it’s worth.


Gunnos brought his own weapon into service, a shotgun-type hammercannon of Korrvain design. It’s a bulky four-barrel break-action shotgun, with a characteristic axe head attachment for melee combat. It has high firepower and fair range for a shotgun, but only has four shots that need to be manually reloaded one-by-one. It’s possible to fire all four shots at once for massive damage, but the recoil will knock even a Korrvain on his ass.

He also has an IG Enforcer provided to him for when using his own weapon would be overkill. Pherza weapons feel a tad flimsy to him, but he acknowledges the merit of it and will use it when the situation calls for it. By special request, his uniform is made of MediumWeave instead of LightWeave, adding extra defence. The increased weight is negligible to a Korrvain.


When asked, Gunnos will tell the unremarkable story of how he was born to a small working class family on the faction-neutral mining colony Modgru, in sector 53. In due time, he took up the same profession as them, drilling for iron and lead in the planet’s metal-rich crust. By the time he was 20, however, he grew tired of the repetitive work and decided that he wanted to see more of the galaxy by becoming a spaceship crewmember. Given the choice, he travelled west rather than east, joining the ICGP military despite his race’s usual affiliation to the GAE.

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