The Grim hunter is a secret stealth fighter from an lost age .

The fighter has last been documented in the computer systems of the Lost Station as the ultimate stealth fighter and trough it is no where to be found on the station or has it ever been seen elsewhere, it is believed (if the station is ever found) to be docked in the stations hangar until a few years ago, when the ship that was docked had somehow left the station.

the real appearence of the ship is a pure night black small diamond shaped ship with 8 small wings on each flat part of the ship and an enging exhaust on the back that is cilinder shaped.

on the wings are also small objects that can act either as 8 additional small engings for faster and more agile movement, or fire lazers from.

The ship uses similar systems as seen in the lost station BUT more advanced, the enging system uses a similar energy consumption, gives high speed and agility normally, more so with the 8 smaller engings, if using all 9 enging systems the ship could possibly even wormjump due to the fast movement and type of enging energy usage.

it has a perfect AI live support system as in the station to the point that it even restores the drivers energy and neutrience trough the air the driver breaths in, taking the need to sleep and eat while flying it away.

The ship fly's with no sound at all, has the ultimate invisibility system, similar to the Glaizart weapon Reapeath invisibility, again more advanced trough.

it can not be detected on any radar system and all (being made to even be hidden on the radars of the ones who had build it, meaning radar's far beyond the level of current technology)

basically the ship can not be found anyway or anywhere at anytime by anyone, its the perfect stealth ship for this reason, unfindable and untraceable as if it never excisted

it also features a teleportation system and AI hovering system, resulting that it can hover in one spot, teleport the owner to the planet and it will stay airborn and even automatically avoid other objects that would hit it.

the user can always teleport back when raising his hand towards the ship when at the spot he was jumped to the first time or by voice control call the ship when in hearing range.

for this reason it has a DNA scanner that can even scan trough invisibility systems, including the Reapeath weapon's ability (that is one of the highest cloaks ever, only outleveled by this ship), this way it can recongnize its owner.

The DNA scanner has installed the users DNA the moment the ship was started.

the ship only weapon system are the devices on the wings that fire small yet extremely powerful lazers, able to break trough most defenses, armors and shieldings, but generally are only made to give the owner access trough these defenses and are not a main line of offence

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