The Gremory (both pronounced as Gre-mor-i or Grem-mor-i) might be the oldest sentient race in the Andremea galaxy, having Ancesters that could travel trough space without ships, create powerful artifacts that the current Gremorys are searching for.

They possess many natural powers trough most are part of a specific bloodline called a Pillar.

they have different class levels such as high, medium and low class.


The Gremory basically have 2 forms, trough they generally dont differ that much.

in the first form they look a lot lke humans but with crimson eyes, they also have a more crimson colored blood then humans and their body cells absorb magiwaves to use in their magic abilities and special abilities, trough the amount absorbed differs between individuals and the use of magic is limited to the ability to absorb magiwaves.

The second shape is their true shape where they grow wings, generally bat wings but some pillar familys have unique wings.

some of them also grow horns, trough this is a rare few.

The females often have breasts between a C and a F cup.

Livespan/ childbirth and aging:Edit

Gremory's age very slowly to the point that they can live for thousands of years, the pilar family's can even live for 10 thousands of years.

however due to this they also have a very low reproduction rate where it can take hundreds of years to consieve even one child, due to this its rare for familys to have more then one child and a miracle for a family to have 3 children.

Trough they age slowly they age normally on a human standart until they reach 21, from this point on its impossible to guess their age as they can freely manipulate their appearence between ages to come and ages past. they can be 25 and look 90 or even be 90 and look 21, its all a matter of choice, trough this in only possible for the high class members. when they die their body starts to disolve into magiwaves, this process looks like them falling into pieces of light made feathers of leaves.

trough becoming pregant, the entire pregnancy follows up to humans standarts and can be done between a gremory and any other race, even those that lack human build or are normally unable to concieve a child with members of an other race (or concieve at all trough sex), also a gremory can handle a surpricing amount of things during mating only.


The Gremory culture is a and planet is ruled by the 72 pillars with a main family called Gremory at its top, trough the entire race itself is mostly controlled by 4 members of these pillar familys, these do need to step down from being the next head of their house hold and they are selected based on their power, the stronger one is the higher his or her rank will be, trough it is fixed that one of the 4 needs to be a female.

each family has their own territory and control of that area.

this also counts for other planets they possess.

beyond that they possess 3 known classes of low class, medium class and high class, all detailing priveledges, income and living area.

It is possible to increase in status but this is hard to do, also all born into a pillar family belong to the high class as they carry the family's bloodline ability.

The 4e and secret class is called the ultimate class and used to refere to special individuals that have reached untold hights in power, either being born or trained into this state.

the current 4 leaders are:

-Sirech: main leader and member of the Gremory family (ex-hair to the house, energetic yet fair man, belongs to the secret Ultimate class, has the allias: Destruction incarnated)

-Livia: Foreign affairs leader and member of the Sonia family (ex-hair to the house, hyperactive and complete magical girl fan/ cosplayer girl, High class) (yes they have their own magical girl series, inspired by a earthling that became a servant shortly after they entered the andremea galaxy)</span></p> -Amorus: Technological and development leader, not a member of a blood line (a normal born high class member outside a bloodline that created the Servant piece system, a scientist guy that acts cold and rational at all times, belongs to the secret class ultimate class due to his way of manipulating magiwaves in computer codes to the point that he can even manipulate enemy attacks by effecting their connections with the laws of physics (such as changing an fireball's direction back to the attacker), hates to fight normally)

-Bezles: Military affairs leader, member of the Beel family (second child, a lazy man but when it comes down to strategy making and fighting, you cant wish for a better ally, high class)

The Gremory possess a special item they made that can turn other people and races into servants, these objects are given to any high class member, each member recieves 16 pieces in total and seem to appear as chess pieces, the king is meant for the high class member to use, becomming the king of his/ her servants.

these Servant pieces can turn any sentient creature but do need a mutual approval, trough there are those that trick others into accepting under false pretenses.

Further the Gremory are known artifact hunters, trying to find their elders creations so that they cant fall in the wrong hands.

Each year the Gremory house a game based competition where a [king] and his or her servants spar off against each other, this off course is up to the [king] to decide if they want to join or not, but it is the best way to increase ones servants ranks, gain large amounts of respect, political power and money as some other perks.

Due to the increase of other races as servants, they have developed a mixed culture.


The History of the Gremory begins in the Galactic dark ages.

In the oldest times the Gremory Elders or Ancestors were able to travel the worlds troughout the Galaxy using special transport circles instead of the current space ships.

They were master craftsman, making many artifacts called sacred gears that have been scattered troughout the galaxy, trough a lot were found on the Gremory home planet many generations later, all or at least most of the artifacts have become lost, hidden on planets, some in ruins, some in other ways, Most of these have been hidden for a reason.

The Elders had used some of the more comon gears as prisons for the souls of powerful and dangerous creatures, while other gears were hidden because of their powers such as the longines gears, a line of gears that are said to contain the power to kill a god if used correctly.

But others were hidden for unknown reasons, why the Elders hid some gears is still a mystery but perhaps they wanted to effect the galaxy in a way?

They off course never had expected that space travel would become a real thing in the far future or that some of the planets they hid some gears on were to gain sentient live.

Off course as with any great civilization, their time eventually came to an end, leaving their predecesors without their advanced magical abilities...

The current Gremory, at first did not believe in the storys of sacred gears, and while they were able to relearn the magic of transportation circles, they were only able to get it to a global level.

Eventually they did find multiple sacred gears and quickly came to a realize that if the more comon gears were real, then the Longines might be real as well, starting to develop their space program in order to find and collect the scattered gears so that non of them and especially the longiness line wont fall in the wrong hands.

Eventually after starting this task, it became a way of live and a type of culture for most of them, some even going so far to collect lost artifacts of other races as well.


Originally The gremory possess their own langauge and writing but as more and more servants came from other planets and races, it was beginning to become clear that they needed a better way to communicate with other races, as a result they have made a magiwave translator device , this device uses magiwaves to translate any langauge on a magical level, restulting that each person would hear the langauge they are most familiar with no matter what is getting said.


The Gremory uses mass produced sacred gears for most of their tech, they also use basic technology (trough personalized) and are fair users of magitech.

see also: List of Gremory Tech


The Gremory possess a lot of natural abilities, most come from the pillar families:

-The main family, called Gremory, Possess the power of destruction, a ability to channel the magiwaves stoered in the users body to create blocks and blobs of energy in a purple crimson color that is able to break appart anything that it comes in contact with.

The current main Leader comes from this family and has a power unique to him, able to change his body into destruction magic.

-The Fenis Family, possess the power of fire based regeneration where each wound gets restored by the fire that makes their body (no magiwaves needed), they possess wings of flames and can not be killed physically, they also are able to make a liquid that can heal any wound and this get sold for a lot of money.

-The Sonia family, possess the abilitie to control water trough magiwaves to the point where it can branch into 2 directions, the main direction is where they can make mindless animals from the water to obay their every command, the other is a very rare branch where they can increase their water control to include ice creation and control, the water they control can come from everywhere such as moist in the air or water in plants, but they cannot control blood

The current Foreign affairs leader comes from this family and controls ice and water.

-The Beel family, possess unheard levels of strength, they can increse this by training (trough almost no one ever trains), also they can project their live energy as a touki and wear it as an physical armor, breaking trough the touki is hard but if succesfull it will shave of a bit of their live energy, which needs to be replenished or they will die much sooner, as its all physical energy it requires no magiwaves.

-The Liore family, possess the ability to command preditor animals, this requires no magiwaves.

-The Valefor family, possess the ability to absorb lightning and use it in anyway the user can think off, such as attacking with it, increase their physical abilities, hack computers with their mind, travel trough cabels or even turn into pure lightning, they generally possess wings made from lightning but if their electrical energy is out then the wings become a translusent magiwaves made type of wings that only allows gliding.

-The Sasumi Family, perhaps one of the most unique bloodlines in the Gremory, There real shape always possess a set of horns, starting with 2 cilinder shaped support parts growing from thier forehead with a cresent moon shape attached to it, circling their head, leaving only small area's between the to tips open, they possess wings made from bones with no membrain, their eyes are compluetely unique, where the eye white is red, the eye color is black and the pupil is yellow for some reason, during their transformation into their real shape the females breasts grow 3 or 4 sizes while the males musclus become exagirated in build, both do not effect their abilities in ay way, also their hair grows much longer and due to magiwaves their clothes change as well, with females its often normal for them to wear something that looks like beachwear as regular real shape clothes with boots with heels and gloves, the insides of their bones, including the wings are made from  a very hard and powerful crystal and that is where their power comes in.

The Sasumi bloodline grants them the ability to control and create crystals, trough they can only do this in their real shapes, as with the bones this prevents them from breaking the bones and able to use their bodyparts even if broken, but the most interesting is with the wings, lifting the crystal core they can fly trough the air, breaking the bones of the wings, they can rearrange them into multiple shapes such as: Corsets (females only in order to lay down and relax while in their real shape), scythes, whips, spikes, launces, and even able to cover their arms, increasing the arm's strength while being fitted with a claw.

The sasumi family is an entire family that have to potention to become ultimate classes, trough the only living member now is a young girl and she has not mastered her abilities yet.

-The Ellion family, possess a power they see as a curse, the Ellion family is one of the lowest familys in the pillars and cannot control thier blood line power, they possess a lot of laten powers that when they get angry release itself and takes control, letting them acts like an animal with a human mind, meaning they cant talk but roar as a whild beast while keeping their human composure and control.

during this range their bodys morph, growing 4 or more horns from their head, horns from thier back, their eyes turn pure white, their bodys grow in mass and muscles, while with females their breasts shrink to the point that you can hardly tell if its a male of a female (which is a good thing as during the transformation their clothes break and get shredded to pieces, leaving the famales topless), their finger nails and toe nails grow to claws and due to magiwaves some of the pieces of clothes they keep may get morphed, finally their wings which are normally bat wings become more dragon like in build, trough fully black.

In this state they possess a lot of powerful attacks that actually drain the area of its magiwaves in the long run, this also meants that until an attack is stopped it will continue to draw in magiwaves making it unable to die out on its own.

-Euniclud: this family possess the power to control amd create gravity fields. able to rise rocks and send them flying, pull or push people and much more

due to being it a long list I am forced to stop at this point with the 71 pillar families.

however all Gremory possess the following abilities:

in the evening or other dark places they get stronger, faster, able to see better, hear better, smell better, see in the dark.

all Gremory are natural born magiwave users, trough the exact ability depends on each individual to a point that some will never be able to use magic at all.

when a gremory gets born they are automatically fitted with the translate device.

they are much better fitted to use sacred gears and have a natural understanding about them.

(see: list of Sacred gears )

further all servants gain a trait based on their servant piece, the pieces each have their own value, meaning the stronger a new servant is, the harder he/ she is to become a servant in value, as that its important for the gremory that want to play in the games to think good about which piece would work great for which abilitie of a possible servant, increase what they already excel in or increase a weakpoint.

-Pawn: able to promote to any other piece during a game or under a [king]'s approval at any other time, each pawn is worth 1.

-Knight: increase the servants speed, great affliction with weapon/ sword users, worth 3.

-Biship: increase the servants magiwave absorbtion, magiwaves max capasity and output, worth 3.

-Rook: increase the servants strength and defence, worth 5.

-Queen: a general improvement of all stats as able to generate a small temporal shield once in a game made from magiwaves, worth 11.

-king: control and command of the servants, no value.

(NOTE: where a person is willing to become a servant BUT exeeds the current single piece value, they can be stacked using the same piece multiple times (such as using both knights or using 4 pawns)


Gremory are natural born magic users, however they use magic differently from other races, absorbing magiwaves into themself in order to use their magic.

They dont use the normal formations but use their magic trough their imagination, such as creating clothes from magiwaves, manipulate matter as water into ice, break clothes, a few examples.


You can find the Gremory on their homeplanet planet Gigori located in the outer corner of sector 9.

their planet is filled with nature, a purple sky and lakes instead of oceans (some do possess salt water), also some strange and possibly magiwaves made (or artifact made) landsights such as floating rocks.

They posses multiple citys and towns troughout the world based on the territory of the families, also there are a lot of ruins from the Elder's age.

in this same solar system they have taken control of the other 5 planets as their population is growing due to the servant system.

these other 5 planets are being used as followed:

-Heaf possess homes for other high class members that could not find a good home on the home planet

-Herl possess homes for the mid class members

-apoc possess homes for the low class

-herois is used as a scientist lab and lock/ safe house for found artifacts that are deemed to dangerous to be distributed or artifacts that can be useful and are researched in order to mass produce working replica's

-Vamire is used as a rating game location.

Religion and Military:Edit

There is not much directly known about their military as it keeps changing patterns and has a lot of secret forces, this makes it hard to understand their military strength and thus impossible to calculate their numbers, forces and strengths.

This report has been given by Bezles.

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