This war began after the Exendrian Humans had formed the largest and most powerful empire in the galaxy at the time, having taken over most of the central sectors and were branching out in all directions. It was a long, drawn out war with just as many enemies on the inside as there were on the outside by the end of it. Despite being named after just one race of humans, the Exendrians, many other races, both human and otherwise, were involved in this massive conflict.

Expansion PhaseEdit

The Grand Exendrian Empire faired well during the opening stages of the war. During this time there was a lot of patriotism and a united mentality among the empire and it's subjects, crushing the mostly divided, weaker, and less numerous opponents. They seemed unstoppable, and for a hundred or so years they were. In fact, some would say that they were too successful. They continued to expand recklessly, spreading their troops thin and overstretching their supply lines, seldom stopping long enough to properly consolidate their forces. This would lead to their eventual defeat.

Rebellion PhaseEdit

After most of the large scale fighting had pressed past the conquered planets, guerilla warfare and rebellions became commonplace while at the same time the nations not yet conquered had time to band together and form more effective warfare capabilities. Although not many of Exendrian allies openly betrayed them during this time, being too fearful of the consequences of leaving the winning side or were otherwise still too patriotic, some secretly helped fuel the rebellions, which allowed them to be far more successful then they would have managed otherwise. Some planets even fell completely to rebel hands, cutting off Exendrian forces on the front lines from their own planets. A lot of the vanguard was destroyed thanks to the combined efforts. However, reinforcements from the mostly human armies arrived and crushed the rebellions, sometimes as a result of large scale bombing of civilians. Despite being successful for the time being, this sowed the seeds of even more rebellious thoughts, even from some of the Exendrian humans themselves from the commoners to those of high status or rank. With a seemingly nearly unlimited amount of reserves, the Grand Exendrian Empire came out on top yet again, but with a loss of many soldiers and rebellion in the works from deep within, it was clear for the first time that they could be defeated. There wasn't much action going on for a while at the end of the rebellion phase after the Grand Exendrian Empire established some measure of control for the time being.

All out WarEdit

The opposition forces planned a large scale counterattack in conjunction with traitorous members of the Grand Exendrian Empire. Although many nations didn't participate, they got together ten or so brave nations of noteworthy power to participate. Most notably was the mighty Inorr Empire. They didn't join because they cared about the other races, but they saw this as a chance for great glory and to the benefit of their Empire. The Inorr achieved many victories but often at the expense of their "allies", using them as bait and sacrifices to give them the edge in some important battles, but it was mostly thanks to their power that the Exendrians were forced backwards for the first time. As the war dragged on more and more of the once allies of the empire betrayed them, taking over planets that were thought to be secure. One rebellion long in the making saw to it the loss off one fifth of the eastern reaches of the Empire all at once.

It was impossible to keep up a strong defensive with all of this going on, so despite still have the advantage of numbers at this point the Exendrians began to cripple, loosing battles left and right to far inferior forces, not to mention the large united force breaking through into the central territories. All of the most elite, loyal troops guarded these sectors, however, so even after the loose of billions of troops, and now no longer having the advantage of numbers, the empire was able to put up a much more stronger fight. Their spaceship in particular had a major advantage, as the Emperor almost bankrupted his worn torn empire to build such as large and powerful fleet to stop these invaders as a last ditch effort to maintain control.

One last rebellion sealed the Emperor's fate...his own son and a couple so called loyal individuals of extremely high rank. His son assassinated him by his own hand and the most powerful spaceships that had previously been able to handle entire invasion fleets on their own were powered down by the admiral in charge. Some ships still put up a fight to the death, as the admiral could not get them all to power down, but these defenders were not enough to maintain their defense despite their sacrifices. The Emperor's son had peace talks with the opposition forces mere hours after the fall of Exendria, agreeing to end all hostilities. Due to this peace treaty many Exendrians were spared a horrible fate and the Empire was able to remain in power, although many humans by that time had spread to other nations or even formed their own nation independent of the Empire

Last StrugglesEdit

Those who call themselves the "true" Exendrians still fought against the opposition, sometimes even in large scale battle even after the peace treaty, standing with their assassinated emperor and against his traitorous son. These people are not considered a part of Exendria by the government, rather they are called terrorists and stomped out wherever they are found. Many have teamed up with NOVE to help achieve their goals.

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