A Glue Blitzer is a magiwave weapon made by the Ainant race.

The Glue blitzer is a bullet shaped gun with a vertical opening on the front, The trigger is located in the back if the gun, meaning that the user needs to put his/ her hand inside it.

The glitzer in first place is a rather unconventional weapon, even as a magiwave weapon.

using magiwaves as a power source and then firing a think blob like bolt that acts as a glue, trapping and holding on place or at least slowing down all those that get hit, or course the shape of the projectile and the size and weight of the gun means the projeciles can only be fired on a short to medium range.

aside that the gun has glue like projectiles, it seems to lack in the fire power department, however the weapon shape is to be taken into account as you can use it as a very hard and solid boxing glove.

the weight if the gun is light enough not to effect speed during melee or running and allows the weapon to be dualwided, giving double the glue and double the punch.

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