here is a list of known military class weapons of the Glaizart race.

the reason these weapons get there own page and fall under the tech list is because the Glaizart military weapons are there finest weapons and ALL of them listed here are made to have ability's themself that can only work in the hands of a Glaizart.

A special Aura tech class of weapons for the Glaizart Military:

the 3 legends:Edit

the 3 strongest weapons, each a national treasure.

-Katirana (the katana, status: stolen)

-Ariana (the short sword, status: in possesion)

-Reapeath (the scythe, status: lost)

Old sets:Edit

weapons from before the age of economic growth that are still being used.

-manier staff (a staff weapon able to extend trough aura and even shape blades on its ends)

-luar sword (a one handed long sword, being extreemly light, swinging it while storing it with aura will  let out a cresent moon spinning trough the air from the tip)

-eye blade (a short sword that is shaped to have an opening in the shape of a aligator pupil and the blade flows around it, storing energy in the eye can release a light able to blind anything except the user, or just light a dark area)

-pure sprear (a staff that can get a large spear end by aura on one side, this tip can shoot a light beam from it trough the air)

-grafitystaff (a staff that when filled with aura can pull and push things, hitting someone with it will make that person fly)

-arrowsword (a sharp pointed sword that with aura can fire a same shape as the sword trough the air)

-forcesprear (a spear that instead of stabbing pushes its target back, trowing it while create a large vortex around it)

New sets:Edit

new weapons created in the time of economic growth, these include other weapon styles then just swords and staff weapons, such as bow and arrows and more.

-lightarrow (both a bow and arrow as a crossbow weapon that fires aura made arrows, ammo is as much as the user can take, meaning a lot anyway)

-unlimited whip ( a whip that trough aura can be lengthend unlimited as long as the aura extention can be controled)

-whipestaff ( a staff that trough aura can detach in multple parts and controled anyway the user wants)

-powercross (a crossbow that fires aura arrows with power to shoot trough steel, but takes a lot of energy)

-tracer (a bow that fires aura arrows that can actually trace the target without control of the user)

-rapide cross (a crossbow able to fire aura arrows in a succesion and speed rivaling a (found trough google) 36 barrel prototype which could fire about 1,000,000 rounds per minute. (16600 bullets a second.))

-rapide bow (a bow firing aura arrows, able to fire more then one arrow each shot trough multiple ways as after firing splitting, multi shots from the start and more, the angle the arrows go to depends on the users will)

-powerbash (a club that can smash deep into steel, shatter a persons bones (if hit in the torso, say goodbye to all the bones there) break rocks to pepples)

-bladeshield (a shield that trough aura can extend its range, create bladed edges and push enemys to the ground with a small paralyzing effect)

List of Glaizart tech

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