Example of Sibling Glaizart with a strong female example and agile male example

Glaizart (both pronounced as Klij-zard or Gl-aii-zard) are a humanoid race that are known mostly for their ability to craft unique weapons , mostly weapons as swords and staffs but after they met other races there list of weapons increased, they now make a nice living by orders for strong weapons or weapons for display, it should be noted that they only craft weapons to hold in your hand’s, no super weapons, the weapons on their ships are weapons of other races, as most of their ships are transport ships. They however are not a race you can just attack for nice goodies, they have a history of a war between there 2 bloodlines and because of this they have powerful fighting ability’s and a very strong military using there finished weapons and fighters The bloodlines are called: genetic and the limiter


Glaizarts have very clear and smooth skin, the colors can vary, but females usually have an lighter tone then the males what is rather easy to notice when an brother and sister are standing next to each other, the females have no hair on their heads but 2 tentacles (see starwars twi’leks), but this is only for the females, the males do have hair, the color of the males hair varies between the bloodlines, the genetic have blond hair and the limiter have black hair, females are most of the time dressed rather light and revealing showing there almost perfect body shapes, non-have a flaw in there body’s and their chest seem to vary and are not connected to their parents as they grow depending on the females physical abilities, strong ones grow big, where agile ones grow small, interesting is that you can only see if a female is strong or agile by looking at their breasts as there body shows nothing. Males seem to have the same property, a wider chest for strong ones and an normal build chest for agile ones, however if you where to put a human bodybuilder and an Glaizart that is equally strong, it will appear as you are looking at an strong human and an agile glaizart. They have no nose but just 2 holes from where they breathe and their eyes can only be described as Asian, their ears look more like a knife ear for males, but no ears for females

Lifespan/ childbirth and aging:Edit

Glaizart’s lifespan is the same as humans, their sexuality as well, but their clear skin has an notable feature when a female is carrying a child, as the child grows and the mothers stomach grows the child will slowly become visible through the mothers skin, making bonding with the child and knowing about the gender as if its healthy real easy, the children stay in the mother’s stomach for about one and a half year where it will continue to grow just as human children, they will be born blind and after a half year there eyes will take shape giving them sight, in the mean time they learn everything through their mothers, as the children seem to have a slight telepathic bond, trough that ability stops when they are able to see, child birth is a heavy burden on the mothers and only Glaizart females are able to deliver a child after a year and a half without a risk to their health. Glaizart’s genetics’ seem to be very unique and compatible with each and every race in the universe, the half breeds that can be born from this will remain in their mother’s womb for as long as the mother’s normal/ natural pregnancy time is, meaning a half human/glaizart will either be born in 9 months with a human mother, or stay in the mother’s womb for 1.5 years in the mother is a glaizart. When a glaizart has giving birth she will not be able to stand or walk for about a half year as her lower body needs to heal, this however is not a problem as when a glaizart has giving birth, her breasts will start producing milk without stopping until the amount is reached that this one child (or children if twins) will need until it has all it need from the nutrience in the milk and start living of other foods, the amount was already known for the body when the mother went into labor. This of course means that their breast will expend to very big sizes, most of the times the breast will become so big that the mother will not be able to stand or carry the weight, the smallest amount until this time was where the breasts became the size of a big shopping bags, the biggest breasts until now where the size of 2 fully grown humans (in one breast). When a Glaizart becomes 70 there body’s begin a alive decomposition process, the elders will stop most moving and will feel no pain at all, this process is slow and takes about 20 years until they die and there body will be completely decomposed (to the point where a skeleton remains) in the next 10 years (trough this is just an average, there were those that died later or earlier and or started decomposing later or earlier) During this process they will live mostly by their ability.


Glaizart are currently living a peaceful live, thanks to the economic incomes from their weapon crafting.

However this was not always the case, 5 years before the first humans came to their world they were in a war between the 2 bloodlines, this war has lasted for over 5000 years and ended only because both sides acknowledged not knowing why they are at war to begin with as the once that started the war have died without telling the reason to the new generation, however there have been more war’s between the bloodlines in their history, this was the only one that ended as it did, as all the others have ended with complete domination over one of the lines.

This end has had its up sides as both sides are now equal for the first time in there known history (trough that there is a blank of a 1000 years), but the costs were gigantic as both sides have lost around 75% of their populations, the result was that the next 5 years all woman that would not mind and were able to, where to give birth as much as possible, what ended in a little mix up with the first humans, as that all the females they met had just giving birth at this time, and when the humans (thinking the Glaizart females where that normally) came back, the females had their normal build’s once more.


Glaizarts have a long line of history, spanning over 114.000 years. They started to record their history during their version of the middle ages, a time that lasted for 25.000 years. From that point on, each age has gotten their own name, yet all have had their share of wars between the two bloodlines for who had control. (The dates included are from the Galactic Timeline. “bea” stands for “before exploration age”. Dates and age lengths are rounded, so not entirely accurate.)

Medieval Age (the longest age recorded, spanning 25.000 years). 91000 bea – 66000 bea

Victorian Age (really the same as the real Victorian age of earth, but this is a name given after meeting humans, before this the age was named in a pure glaizart language and not suited for speaking about to other races, spanning 2000 years). 66000 bea – 64000 bea

Steam Age (a age where technological live started with steam powered machines, as the time where the most glaizart special weapons started to get their birth, spanning 3000 years). 64000 bea – 61000 bea

City Age (a time where most towns turned to citys like New York, spanning 5000 years). 61000 bea – 56000 bea

Vehicle Age (time where life was centered around vehicles in many ways, spanning 3000 years). 56000 bea – 53000 bea

Sky Age (time where technical enhancements became strong enough that citys in the sky were made, and of course aircrafts, in this time Katirana and Ariana were made (65.000 years ago), spanning 20.000 years). 53000 bea – 33000 bea

Techno Age (time where everything became technological managed as technology evolution extended in a rapid rate and wounded or near dead could be saved by replacing or fixing up the wounded areas with techno body parts, spanning 20.000 years). 33000 bea – 13000 bea

Computer Age (a time where everything became computer controlled, spanning 5000 years). 13000 bea – 8000 bea

Master Age (the highest time of glaizart development that was ever recorded, think of what we have seen in sci-fiction movies and such and now think that in the last 3 ages before the master age, all those things have been made (incl. spacecraft) and now think that in this age, they went even further and were able to make and do things we cant even imagine or at least not in science, an example was a scientific type of alchemy, turning wood into a metal type and so much more, using these advances Reapeath was made to counter Katirana and Ariana, spanning 5000 years). 8000 bea – 3000 bea

Lost Age (at the height of the master age, something happened, it is unknown what has happened as all records of these entire 1000 years has become lost, taking with it all technological development that has been built up since the start of the steam age, forcing back the glaizart's living style back to the medieval age, all that was left were the glaizart special weapons, everything ended up into ruins and population has decreased to nearly 10% of what once was). (see Lost station) 3000 bea – 2000 bea

Scattered Age ( a time where the last remaining glaizarts were scattered across the world, the upper part of the planet housed the Limiter bloodline, the lower housed the Genetic bloodline, spanning 1000 years). 2000 bea – 1000 bea

Re-Population Age (during this time, glaizarts had found a way together on their side of the planet, as it would be near impossible to rebuilt their civilization with the last remaining members, having so few that could give birth, it became important to first make sure there were enough glaizart's of fresh blood and live to work on the rebuilding and not die out during a weak attempt, though a few things were built in order to keep the children save, spanning 200 years). 1000 bea – 800 bea

The Second Medieval Age (once enough glaizarts were born to work on really rebuilding, all that was left was the medieval age knowledge and the weapons, creating a second medieval time, spanning 5000 years). 800 bea – 4200 gt

Limiter Age (during this age the Limiter bloodline was able to overturn the genetic bloodline and have control once more, starting the next series of wars, spanning 200 years). 4200 gt – 4400 gt

Rebellion Age (during this age, the genetic were able to overrun the limiter and took control them self, spanning 300 years). 4400 gt – 4700 gt

Medicine Age (while war continued between the 2 sides over who controls the entire race, it became this age where new types of medicines were made, spanning 1000 years). 4700 gt – 5700 gt

The Rebuild Age (a few technological creations have been rediscovered during this age, spanning 7000 years). 5700 gt – 12700 gt

The Chaos Age (a time where no side was in control, ending with mass deaths once more, spanning 3000 years). 12700 gt – 15700 gt

The Human Age (during this time, the humans entered Fable while a second re population was taking place, spanning 100 years). 15700 gt – 15800 gt

Space Age (with the human's came the idea to rise into the star's, spanning 1000 years). 15800 gt – 16800 gt

The Economic Age (due to the space age and human age, there finally came an end to the war between the 2 sides for good as the glaizarts learned how to work together making weapons to sell and make money, spanning 2000 years). 16800 gt – 18800 gt

Expansion Age (the current age, where the Glaizarts use their wealth to expand the list of planets they live on, currently active for more than 5000 years). 18800 gt – present

Language Edit

Glaizart seem to speak in an universal language, that can be understood for any race of any dialect, as all others seem to hear their own language from the Glaizart’s, how the Glaizarts hear everything has been described as a mix of sounds.


Glaizart generally use basic tech they either got from other races or made based on other races tech, trough they do possess multiple of technology unique for them, such as the Hyperlong articial lights.

They also have tech based to use their natural aura abilitie as power source or others uses.

see also: List of Glaizart tech

Also they can make special type weapons that work due to aura, trough normally only those with a military connection can get one.

see also: Glaizart military weapons

Abilities Edit

Glaizarts seem to be aware of the energy that living creatures give out more than any other creature, as they are able to reshape this energy and even harden it to be as strong as steel, this power however seems to have 2 shapes but both seem to have an common ability that is only for the masters of their powers.

The Genetic line seem to only be able to shape there aura into a fixed theme, dragons, panthers, even gun’s, trough there shaping ability is limited they do have some unique ability’s with their shape, such as that a gun can fire a bit of his/ her aura, the dragon can jump and spin while cutting, the panther is able to cloak him/herself in dark areas, as that the genetic line is able to do a full body shape, changing their entire aura that covers their body into a, still equal size, full embodiment of their theme, trough this is not an easy feat.

The Limiter line has no theme and is able to shape their aura into any shape needed, they however cannot use special skills as shooting, and can only do 2 parts at a time (both hands for example)

The mastery power is to let their aura take the shape of the beast in their soul, some can have 2, this new aura covers their body with a rapid swirling of energy, making the body disappear, the beast can easily become the size of a house and even make sounds fitting the creature.

Though Glaizart believe their powers are not magical, some insist the aura powers are magical.

the thing is, as the name implies, its an aura type magic, a magic which is not magic.

In the Glaizart's case this is because, before the living energy that creates magiwaves gets out, it starts as aura energy, but the Glaizart being able to manipulate their aura means they can change their aura BEFORE it becomes magiwaves.

See Magic Origins.


Glaizart's have up till now never been active with magic , trusting their own aura ability more then outside sources. However, in time there have been a few lone individuals that did dive into magiwaves , but these members have shortly disappeared from the radar for unknown reasons, at least it seems that a Glaizart can learn to use magic but what the range of their abilities are is unknown.

Location's Edit

The Glaizart home world is called Fable and located in sector: 27, this world is rather like earth but a bit more equal between the ocean and land masses and one moon, they have mostly city's these day, where before the economic growth they lived in towns with buildings that resembles medieval homes, these are now updated with modern technologies but have kept the medieval appeal. when the Glaizart began trading and selling the trademark weapons the quickly got enough cash to not only build and expend there city's and make the home world into a real city filled planet fit to be the home of a large distribution chain, but as well to expand their reach in their sector, terraforming and setting new towns on a lot of planets, each having their own specialization in the crafting of unique weapons. now the have almost all planets in there sector under there name and are planning to expand to the next sector: 17, but this plan will take a lot of money and time..

in order to mark save passages from one planet to an other, as make things easy to travel for the transporters, they have crafted an unique powder that responds magnetic to its self only and will not harm ships, these powders are scattered from one planet to all planets in a specific range and creating routes, each path has a different color and gives off some light making it impossible to get lost in this sector

Militairy and religion: Edit

the Glaizart are not a religious race as during there times of war, they never even gotten to the point of thinking about religion and only wanted to be on top. however, no one knows how the first wars started so there might have been a religion once, but all evidence and such has been lost and destroyed.

they have a powerful military still however, but this has now been combined from both lines here are the ranks:

the main line:

Crewman Recruit

Crewman Apprentice

Crewman Petty Officer Third Class

Petty Officer Second Class

Petty Officer First Class

Chief Petty Officer

Senior Chief Petty Officer

Master Chief Petty Officer/Command Master Chief Petty Officer

Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy

each and every one of the Glaizart military main line will be equipped with at least one of the Glaizart military weapons

there are however special ranks:

Honor Honor rank is for members that are in charge of gaurding, no matter what they gaurd, a person or a important area, the Honor is the highest rank for the job. the rank however has its own sub ranks trough:

Small Honor

Honor gaurd

Red Honor

Gold Honor

Elite Honor

each Honor rank is given a staff type weapon, the lower sub ranks random staff weapons, but the gold and elite ones get the gravity Staff

Hunter Hunter rank is awared to soldiars that have taken out enemys in impossible odds, they are also trained in gurialla warfare and know a lot of trap making and more the rank is usually awarded with powerfull bow/cross weapons after these were made, but still give the traditional weapon, the forcespear, as well

Hound Hounds is rank given to soldiers that have a very powerful aura sense ability, able to hunt enemys, find allys, snipe targets that are out of sight (due to plants or broken snipezoom or whatever), they are usually aded to every platoon as there skills are usefull in a lot of ways, including warning allys about approching enemys.

Jackle Trough Hounds are great snipers due to there aura sense ability, there is still one much higher, Jackles, trained from Hound soldiers in nothing more then range fighting, this is a new rank after range weapons were included in the Glaizart weapon list. these Jackles are able to not just sense an enemy but sense the enemy's body shape and even their heart and brain location. they are always seen with range weapons, including simple bows, and they never ever miss, they can even use a simple bow as a sniper weapon while hiding in bushes in the dead of night with no visibility what so ever, or just hide in a smoke or mist filled area, they are the assassins of the Glaizart race military

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