Gigori is a planet in the outer most corner of sector 9, and homeworld of the Gremory


The planet possess a lot of natural area's such as forests and jungles, mountians, lake, rivier and simple plains.

Some of the larger lakes possess salt water but are still lakes in the end and all are clear enough that you can see the bottom even at the deepest sections they have been given the nickname of Liquid air Lakes.

The Planet has a unique atmosphere giving it a purple sky, trough this seems to have no other effects as far as known.

The planet also possess unique landsights such as floating rocks, including a large floating island where a large city has been build upon.

other of these rocks are used by the planets inhabitance for their rating games.

It possess no moons.

Planet contantEdit

This planet possess a large amount of animals, most seem to resemble mythical creatures such as slimes and griffons.

just as with the animals there are a large amount of plants, most seen in fantasy worlds.

(see also: Underheav: animals and plants )

you can also find a lot of ruins from the Elder age in different artitecture's, spanning from mayan styles to current modern (by earth/ real world) settings.

Gremory citys are scattered around the planet based on the territory's of the 72 pillars (each pillar family lives in a huge ass castle).

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