Figur is a massive and ancient plant being who lives on Ofremia C14, a scarcely-inhabited jungle planet in sector 19. His exact age is unknown, because he came into existence long before the other species discovered the planet, and because he does not track time like they do. Carbon dating technology suggests that he may be more than a million years old, making him possibly the oldest discovered organism in the galaxy.

He has never left the planet, in part because only the largest cargo ships could transport both him and the soil required to sustain him. Even so, he has amassed great knowledge from the many alien explorers he has met over his long life. He is generally friendly and will provide his age-old wisdom to anyone who seeks it, but will also respond violently to anyone who harms the plant-life on his planet.

Figur has no genetic relation to the fig trees of Earth. His nickname, the Ur-Fig, stems from a human explorer who commented that his limbs resemble the entangled branches of a strangler fig. The name stuck, mostly because Figur thought it sounded humorous.

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