A Fighter core is a Fighter for the Shiira , mostly used for arial and space combat.

the ships rectengular with a thin but strong wings on the sides and 2 bigger ones on top.

the ships can be used by any pilot of any race but takes a lot of practice to even be able to fly it normally, and more to learn how to opparate the weapons and boost system.

-they fly by ellectrose core crystal .

-its a one man'd ship.

-they are equiped with oxiodetise crystal to allow breathing when in space

-they have Ellectrose core crystals for weapons and boost system

-they are rather fast and agile.

-using the speed boost will double speed and agility but makes it harder to control and will not allow weapons to be used during.


-crystal Gattler

-Ellectrose bomb

-crystal light lazers

list of Shiira tech

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