The Evan (both pronounced as Evan or ieven) are humanoid creatures in general but few have ever seen their true shape as they are Metamorph's who tend to take on the appearence of those how come to their planet.

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Evan's true appearance can shift between individuals and seems to possess no parental makeup when concieving children, such as 2 blue parents giving birth to a red child while their entire family back ground have had yellow, green, purple and more blue in it.

In general they are pretty similar to humans however they are always in different colors, these colors in general are full body and single tone, they never wear clothes yet their private area's are covered by different materials, some with gem like stones, some with scales of some kind.

Their eyes can be similar to humans to one full color without pupil or eye white and anything in between, the colors of the white and iris can be of any color and the pupil can be of any shape and size.

They have no body hair, only hair on their head and eyebrows (though some might have no eyebrows) 

it is unknown if the breast sizes you can see on females in natural genetics or made by their own (sub)conscious wishes, if they are true then there seems to be no limit on how big they can be but the general accepted smallest size is B.

Both genders all have natural born red hair, though in rare cases some with blue hair have been born.

Male's private area's seems to appeare as if they have no genitals at all, though it has been mentioned that they can grow their private spots when they want to use it.

Though they are born as male or female, their metamorph ability allow them to change genders if they wish to do so, though they only seem to do this when taking on a other persons appearance for some reason ant that person if from a different gender, but some do say they can grow genitalia of the other gender while staying their main gender, making it possible that all of them are both male and female at the same time even if they are born as a female.

it is also impossible to know how their internal organs work and where that organ is located.

Livespan/ childbirth and aging:Edit

when they are born they are already the color they shall remain for their entire live, from birth they also do not possess any coverage such as gems or scales or anything else giving a good view on the born gender if they newborn child.

as they age in a natural pace as humans they start to learn to metamorph at the age of 3, from this time they also start to cover their gender bits, the cover they get however is a natural born pattern as all they can do at this time is learn to put up their natural cover and how to remove it.

As they age at a similar pace as humans they also reach their teens at the same time and with it how their body start to prepair for giving birth themself in time.

however some bits of their development comes at a irragular pace where humans develop in general constant pace, making it hard to know when some bits of their growth is natural or controlled themself.

females dont have periods and seem to be furtile 24/7, beyond this once they become of age they can control their entire birth system, meaning they can abort a child if they want to (though this is one of the highest offences they can do on their own planet, seen the same as murder of first degree), they can control their milk production where they can start it nearly instantly and control its level and so on, if they are pregnant they can still metamorph but they cannot change their womb, so they will keep their pregnant stomach, they can still remove their female genitalia but once they go into labor this will shift back automatically.

Birthing is real easy once it starts as the opening can open up enough on instinct to let the child exit, taking away all risks no matter what.

Males are said to be able to control the size, shape and more of their members, the only thing that seems to be consistence is that they are able to produce enough seed to fill a female's womb to a state that she can look between 4 to 9 months pregnant.

Both the female's furtility and male seed production makes this race hyper furtile.

When they mate they can keep their shifted shape but when one starts giving birth they refert back to their natural born shape.


Evan's always shift into the same race appearance as their visiters, but that is all they take of the visiters as they keep up their natural daily live.

Crime is surprisingly low on a planet of known shapeshifters due to the formation of multiple powerful law enforcing groups, these groups tend to possess both high level Evans and other races that have taken on to live on the planet.

yet even then these immigrants have never really seen a real one outside the children that cannot shift yet.

In the Evan's culture its normal to hold on a shape you like to appear as and only show your real self to those you hold dear, this can be seen as giving their virginity to the other person, however this can happen with each new love or individual, yet always keeps its special feeling like a first time.

however once a Evan has shown its true form for what ever reason there may be, its seen as a normal thing to stay to your real selve in the presence of those that have seen it.

on the planet this however is only in homes where no one is visiting, making this rule stand out more when on a space ship.

If an Evan for some reason such as getting heavily wounded to the point of being unable to hold shape or due to giving birth or some toher reason on a space ship, it can be expected that the Evan's true shape has been seen by nearly all crew members, and those that have not seen it will likely see a picture of hear about it, meaning the Evans member can start walking the ship in their natural shape.


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Evan's are direct decendants of the Krawl


Evan's have their own langauge and even when taking on the shape of birds that can only wistle they still use that langauge in that way of wisteling.


currently lets keep this as your basic space fearing race tech level.


Evans as said before are shapeshifters, able to take on any appearance of any race, even animals.

they can relocate their organs protecting them from possible fatal hits, have a higher healing rate due to the metamorphing and can even reattached lost limbs.

One of their most corrupted uses of their metamorphis is to place objects into their bodies such as guns and drugs, this way it will never trigger an alarm or interest an drug hound.


Evan's are pretty much the same as humans when it comes to magic


they can be found on 3 planets all orbiting the same sun in sector 39.

The planet is called Janet

Religion and Military:Edit

Evans are not a religous race or military, yet they are better known for their acts as espionage and assassination and such matters.

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