Here I will list a few of the more known Eremend beasts and their intel.

Existence and knowledge.Edit

Those that have not read the Eremend page or have not yet linked the piece of intel to this name, might be wondering what an Eremend beast is.

Eremends are able to shed their humanity, both on level of shape and state of mind, becoming animal minded with only the needs to roam around piecefully and attack those that get in their sight (for unknown reasons).

Their shapes are Elemental made and animal, mythical creature or at times even monsterous based.

They are unable to transform back and will forever live as an Eremend Beast.

list of beastsEdit

(I will not list all of them but I will give a few or more for general interest, this list may and will increase as new ones show up one way or an other)


appears as: A mereman, human front body with a snake body build and snake tail lower body, possess 2 arms with webbed hands and a head with no face.

Element: Lightning

has shown up for: more then 10000 years.

appears: Every 5 years he returns in the high sky bringing with him a thunderstorm, up till now he has always shown up at open fields and oceans where he could deal almost no damage.

power and danger level: The storm he brings is strong enough to destroy mountains, he has never been aproceached so his full range of abilities is unknown but is presumed to have more force then even the storm that he brings (believing that the storm is just stored up power that he cant contain), danger level is MAX.


Appears as: a 8 horned Cervine

Element: water

has shown up for: 1000 years

Appears: in one of the planets many forest's, seems to change in random which one it is.

Powers and Danger level: Able to reshape the horns into different range and close range attacks making it impossible to get close enough to do anything to it or notice if it has other powers, danger level: Medium (rare member that never seems to attack first)


Appears as: a huge ass oversized pitbull

Element: fire

has shown up for: 5000 years

apears: in mountains, plains and forest area's, leaving scorned spots where it feet touched the ground and burning tree's where it passed, it always travels in specivic path.

Power and Danger level: flame thrower, fast flaming rush, melee attacks, danger level: high (huge level of rage, attacks even normal animals if they fail to run from the first sign of fire)


appears as: large cone with arms that seem to always be attached to the ground as if he is partly underground.

element: earth (sand)

has shown up for: 7500

appears: in desserts and mountains and rough terrains, trough in rare cases in plains.

power and danger level: the sand body prevents physical attacks to ever hit the thing and phase trough things like bars, making it nearly untouchable and uncaptureble, able to let its arms lose and attack with the huge amounts of sand that burst from its inner body without ever running low (likely it taking and making sand from the ground as an infinite supply), danger level: low (not much as an attacker trough it can be dangerous when it is attacking, but nearly impossible to take down)

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