The Eremend (both pronounced as Eer-e-ment or Ere-ment) are a humanoid race to the point that they look exactly like humans normally, likely having been decendeds of the galaxies native human race.

The Eremend have also gotten a nickname from long ago, why is not known to nearly all of the galaxy but it was due to each of them possessing an natural born element control.


Eremend's normally look exactly like humans, even to their organs and blood color.

The only difference is their eye color, each individual has a color based on their element:

-Red is for fire and magma

-Blue is for water and ice

-Brown is for earth

-Green is for plant

-Yellow is for Lightning

-Gray is for Air

-White is for Light

-Black is for Darkness

-Pink if for poison/ acid

-Metalic is for steel

-Gold is for crystal

-Purple is for Pure energy or magic power

Eremends can caught a very rare and specific virus unique to only them.

however this virus is so rare that only one case has been found in the last 100 years.

the Virus would effect their abilitie to control their body mass and matter, causing them to lose control over their abilitie to change between human and elemental body.

This will result that parts of their body would become fully made from their elemental mass untill the virus gets defeated by their immune system.

the locatons that get turned can switch at any moment, though it usually has a few hours in between, at times this can result that one part gets changed additionally, a changed part becomes normal or a changed part relocates frm one place to an other.

due to this being outside their own control the mass tends to become distorted such as arms and hands becoming shapeless in general or remain the basic arm shape but the hands become a cluttered chaotic mass of their element as that the mass cannot keep itself solid enough, resulting that if for example a water eremend still has her hand, while grabbing something it will go though her hand as if its just water, taking away the eremends normal controlled mass that would otherwise had allowed him/ her to still grab something even in elemental form.

beyond losing mass other matters such as the 5 senses can also be disrupted such as losing eye sight if the eyes become changed into elemental form or losing the ability to feel stuff with the changed parts, but also the other way around could work such as becoming overly sensitive for pain.

also for elements that otherwise would be uneffected by others such as fire letting thunder go though, thunder in this case might even effect a fire eremend when getting hit

all other powers and controlls are uneffected, however it should be noted that lucky enough the eremend beast shape can not be activated during this lose of control (which some in the past had feared that the lose of control might activate it, so as said its lucky that it actually negates that power)

and pregnant females cannot get the virus for some reason

Livespan/ childbirth and aging:Edit

In general they age, live as long as and concieve childeren just as humans.

However they have a secret ability that freezes their aging, making them immortal unless killed, but they cannot concieve childeren and if a pregant woman uses this, the unborn child will be killed and fall out from the woman in this shape, scarred by the element power of the woman.

Also a pregnant woman cannot use the full range of her powers.


In general the Eremend have the same culture as humans, but they also possess secrets that are not meant to ever get out.


Eremend's have a pretty basic history such as small wars and normal peacefull times.

One thing of their history is usefull to report.

The reason they have a nickname and are counted as a sub human breed:

long ago a few individuals learned of the Eremend as a race, learned the truth and started to spread rumours.

while the rumours were kicked in the bud, were thought to be fake or were deneid by the Eremends to a degree that it had costed blood by proofing they were humans.

still the thought that there was something to them was born, marking them from a normal Andreemea native Humans race to a andreemea sub human breed and giving them their own IGP counter.

after all these centries the nickname and the sub-human status stayed but the reason why it ever had started had been lost in time and they were considered normal humans once more


Eremends speak the normal intergalactic language, trough they also posses a personal language (that I will use Japanese words to fill it in)


Eremend use tech similar to the Exendrian humans nin all ways.


Eremends as said before control 1 element per each individual.

the elements are:

Fire, Magma, Water, Ice, Wind, Lightning, Earth, Plant (also called nature), Light, Dark, Steel, Poison, Crystal and Energy.

normally they use these elements as with any fantasy elemental user, limiting the range of uses to the users imagination.

The normal scope of elemental uses is to be used discretely, making sure outsiders will learn as least as possible, but its also adviced by the royal family that all Eremends live a normal human live, and thus only use their elements when needed.

From this point the range of powers are meant to be more secret from outsiders as they will make it clear that Eremends are not humans, something that might not be such a big deal, but the royal family has decided that it is best to appear and act as humans that are just skilled at elemental magic, these powers however will go beyond human magic abilities and it might or might not become troublesome, something the royal family rather wants to avoide from finding out, not wanting to risk it.

-The first of the secret powers is the ability to turn the entire body into the respected element, this gives high defense abilities as their body mass becomes different, making things go trough them without hurting them.

However this ability is taxing and they cant hold on for more then 1 or 2 hours.

The defense ability also depends on the element, fire would just let most physical and even some semi physical (say lightning) pass trough them, water would get hit by the semi-physical attacks from fire and lightning, but aside letting physical things pass trough they can fall of a cliff and recollect themself automatically (even if the impact knocked them out cold, in which case, the body collects itself and once complete becomes solid again), earth would not let things pass trough itself but instead have a high class defense and able to shift their body in order to gain more of a physical attacking ability as well as high defence), in order to know what shape has what defense, you just need to look at the solidness of the element and liquid levels:

Semi: fire, lightning, light, shadow (darkness), energy.

Solid: Ice, Earth, steel, crystal.

Liquid(unless stated effect targets the same as Semi): Water, magma, poison.

others: Plant (Vine version: lets things pass trough but extremely weak to semi attacks, a solid style attack boost/ wood version, same as solid style but without the solid style attack boost), Wind (imune to semi attacks and small physical attacks (such as bullets) and cant fall from great hights as he floots down, but weak to liquid types and big physical attacks, cannot recolect themself)

A pregnant female cannot change into this shape.

-The second secret power is something they can only use in their human form or in their elemental body form (see above power)

Each element has a secret trait:

-Fire can float in the air due to high levels of heat, able to fly, but only in their elemental body.

-Magma can reshape their elemental body into monsterous shapes.

-water can heal others and theirself using water.

-Ice can augement their human and elemental body with ice crystal spikes.

-earth can control gravity but only the gravity of rocks

-plant is automatically protected by plants in the direct area

-Wind can control air molucules, making the air dry, oxygonless, moist and more.

-Lightning can control machinery with their mind

-light can instantly teleport

-dark can torture people with their mind

-steel can melt their bodys into a liquid shape for a short while, and reshape their body parts into weapons using this, some however have been seen with a new power, instead of the liquid metal, they were able to transform (transformers movie style) into vehicles, making them have 2 seperate abilities.

-Poison can grow poisoness armors and appandatages like tentacles from their human body in a physical manner, also they are poison imune and able to heal other poisoned people.

-Crystal can reshape minerals into any type of crystal or even metals like gold.

-Energy can control other semi energys and absorb them in order to recover their own energy, but only in human shape and not using any other technieks, however this only effects their body, not their cloths and they cannot do anything during the absorbtion process, leaving them open for physical attacks.

The final power is a cursed secret, I should never leak out and is seen as a curse.

An Eremend is able to shed themself of their humanity and human shape, turning into a full amount of elemental energy, often in monsterous or animalistic shapes.

This stage makes pregnant woman lose their unborn, freezes the aging system and shortly after taking on this shape kills any part of their human mind, turning them into wild animals.

Once this shape has been taken, they can not turn back (and if one would find a way to turn back, then he/ she would have lost all memorys, even the most simple ones of opening a door or walking, even laughing would be strange for them)

This shape gives imortallity and unlimited power but the cost is considered far to great, the only moment that an Eremend wont attack those close to them in this shape is when they have just turned into it, having a little shred of their old lives left, but after that anything that they seem as a threat will be attacked and killed, even their own childern.

These days no one dares to take on this shape, only those that are trapped with no way out might use this shape.

But there have been a lot in the old days that dreamt of imortality no matter the price, The lands however were ravaged by these beasts and eventually most were killed (using logic to take down an element, such as fire dying out when thrown in water), a few still roam their world to this day, one of the most notorious would be the one called Voltrey, a more mereman electrical figure that appears every 5 years, bringing with him lightningstorms able to destroy a mountain, it has been luck that he never appeared above a place where he could deal real damage.

see also: Eremend beasts 


Eremends are sensitive to Magiwaves, but in a different manner then normal races, they absorb subconsciously magiwaves in order to fuel their elemental powers.

The magiwaves are stored in their bodys so that even in a magiwave free area they can still use their elemental powers for a limited time.

The drainage of magiwaves that they store depends on different things:

-Using basic elemental traits and unique traits such as the waters healing ability will drain magic energy around 1%/minute, in a magic free area they can use these skills for a long time, long enough that the magiwaves will start rebuilding before the magic energy runs out.

-using more high class skills such as creating a wall of magma will drain much more then that, depending on the skills used, in a magic free area these are limited on use.

-taking on the basic elemental body will drain magic in a rapid succession, in a magic free area once their magic runs out they return to their human shapes, in a magic free area they would likely remain in elemental shape for half an hour.

-those that live as a beast only absorb magiwaves in order to live, having an unlimited amount of energy for attacks, trough limited on what they can do, in a magic free area however they lose their live energy and die out in a matter of 5 minutes, trough some real high class ones like Voltrey would be able to survive for at least 15 minutes in a magic free zone (perhaps even a bit longer).

interestingly enough, even trough the Eremends elements are fuels by magiwaves, they are not magic.

This results in them being able to learn magics as well, but the ones they can learn are limited to the elemental they are, fire can not learn water for example:

-Fire/ Magma/ Lightning can learn hot magic

-Water/ Ice/ Wind can learn cold magic

-Earth/ Plant/ Light/ Dark can learn neutral magic

-steel/ crystal/ toxic and energy can learn all 3 magics


Eremends live on a planet on the boarder in the lower right corner between 41 and 53, on the planet called Marcle

due to being on the boarder it is hard to know to what sector it belongs but the upside it looks like its part of the human race native to Andreemea in sector 41 and 53.  The planet has advanched citys but is mostly still covered by nature.

Religion and Military:Edit

The Eremend are not focused on religioun but have a rather powerful military.

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