The Drenor are a militaristic race from a planet called Drenorda, found in sector 31, where they got their namesake, originally being Humans from another colony until they broke off long ago due to cultural differences. Besides their skill for battle they're known for being tall, muscular, masculine, and handsome (for those who like such traits in a man). Although they don't have a particularly large population size, mostly living on Drenorda or conquered enemy planets in the area, they can fend off invasions of races with many times their number. They do not have any major alliances with any other factions, feeling like nobody else can do them proper justice. They wish to retain their own culture and power rather than rely on others.

Their military might, although preferring a sword/spear and shield in combat, is capable of fighting well in all fronts. They focus on quality over quantity, training men from a young age to become battle hardened soldiers, and using metal with high defensive properties for their equipment, making them especially deadly. They use kinetic type guns when not able to get close enough range to use their melee weapons, so are not stupid enough to charge enemy fortifications with only melee weapons even if they'd prefer that to be the case if it were more realistic.

Appearance Edit

They're humans who are mostly brown or red haired and have a golden tan. Small to medium length beards and mustaches are welcome among their fashion but most of their chests are clean shaven. The males are generally quite tall; 6 and a half feet on average, some able to become tall enough to be considered giants at around 8 to 10 feet. The females are more around 5 and a half feet to 6 feet max, with some exceptions, leaving massive height and bulk differences between the two genders.

Culture Edit

They're militaristic, fighting against anything that would get in their way of life, often completely destroying their enemy to serve as a warning for anyone else who wishes to mess with them. They want to create a powerful empire that can sustain itself for thousands of generations, focusing more on this rather than simply expanding outward, which would spread themselves too thin and make things too difficult to establish this level of control over their society that they desire.

Their women are respected in their own way but gender roles are enforced quite strictly, meaning that all men are trained to fight from an early age and are expected to do all the "manly" work. The men find their women emotionally strong and able to do many tasks, just not expected to take part in physical/dirty/manly actions. Some noblewomen are allowed to form military groups for the defense of their homelands, but the men who failed to properly defend their homes to force this to happen are considered a disgrace unless they fought gallantly to do everything in their power to try and stop that from occurring. In that case they will still be honored along with all others who died for their cause. For the men that do abandon their post, especially if it lead to their homelands being attacked, are brutally executed, as this is seen as the worst crime on level with doing the deed themselves.

Fashion Edit

They prefer to wear white robes that can be designed from casual all the way to formal situations. In this culture it's the men who are often far less clothed than the women, usually having most or all of their torso exposed, as well as many of their other major muscle groups such as biceps. It's often joked that Drenor men who cover their torso are covering up a belly that has been fattened by drinking too much mead or are otherwise lazy and disgraceful for becoming too fat.

Even in battle, some groups fight without torso armor or wear armor that is designed to accentuate their muscles. Wearing too much armor, especially if it slows them down, is said to be a cowardly and putting their own safety on a higher regard than actually helping out in battle.

Trivia Edit

  • This was the 300th page so I decided to make something inspired by Spartans, most well known for being in the movie 300.
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