Drayz are large lizzard animals who have given birth to 3 sentient races, each effected differently and thus while distant family are also all completely unique.

Appearance and biologyEdit

Drayz are large cold blooded lizzards who in a way recemble dragons with horns, larger claws and spikes on the spine.

they crawl on the ground and can roll up to a ball shape.

their eyes have a double shutter system where you have the normal eyelids and a set that close vertically under the normal ones.

the underside of their stomachs are as solid as stone.

they have a length of 2 meters (with tail) and are 25cm high

Birth and agingEdit

Drayz breed like any other known lizzard and also lay eggs.

if they live in a good warm area with enough insects and water, they can live up to 100 years, however if they live in a colder area where water and bugs are rarer they are more likely to die of natural causes at age 20.


As stated in Birth and aging, they feed of bugs, the size of the bugs do not matter at all, even a bug that is tripple their size.

in rare cases they can also feed on fishes, but they risk cooling their body down when capturing and fishes, while they fill beter, are less suited for their bodies in the long term.


Drayz can expend strong gusts of wind from their nose, often used to blow up sand as a smoke screen.

they can roll up to a ball and roll, using their backspikes to turn and have grip on the ground, as that these spikes can slash other creatures open.

They can regrow limbs and close wounds in seconds, however closing wounds is not the same as healing, only the open parts stop bleeding and become scars, this prevents sand and dirt getting in the wounds but damage done to anything below the skin will never heal or get better.

they can see normally but also have a heatvision and night vision in their eyes.


Drayz are currently only found on Auro's (which houses the Ainant) and Ungra (which houses the Niknogard)

You can find Drayz fosiles on Draconia


The first race to evolve from the Drayz were the Ainant, however this was not the natural path due to influences of the "gods"

the second race was the Niknogard due to the Ainant dropping the Drayz on a different planet where they knew that the Drayz would follow its natural evolution.

and finally after quite some time, the Ainant dropped more Drayz on Draconia and exposed them to some alteration causing them to evolve rapidly into the Lizzay and with it the entire Lizzay subspecies.

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