DragonShip's are genetically bred as living space ships that can still even think, feel pain and get angry and belong soly to the Ainant .

Their exact shape and size varies, but most are red scalled, trough purple, black and green also show up often.

There is a golden one that belongs to the royal family.

as the shapes varies, it also means the number of crew differes but in general you can hold a small army inside each dragon ship.

As its a living creature they dont possess systems but organs, such as longs that breath in space and transform the air into oxyden for its inhabitence.

They can fly but the shape and wing size depends the speed (size of the ship is not effecting on this matter)

They have hard scales and an strong regeneration ability giving them a high ranking defence against both physical and energy projectiles, however if one dies the creatues collaps trapping the inhabitants in most cases while air is going to run out quickly.

As means to attack a Dragonship can breath different elemental energy (depending on the color), slash with its claws, tail and wings as ram hard with their often horned heads.

as its a living creature it is able to feel pain and get angry, which often results in a problem to the attacker and inconvinient for its inhabitens, however it also gives a great advantage aside that as the ship's are able to avoid attacks themself.

They are able to hear Ainants that are close to their brain and listen to their command, making that location the cockpit.

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