most of the plants on Draconia seem to be plants that are rather commen troughout space, plants that seem to originate from earth and plants that can be found on other planets in the Andreemea galaxy are commenly found here.

trough most of the planet is not explored yet, there might be some planets native only to this planet, but non have been seen as of yet.


fitting with it's size, there are a lot of animals reported on this planet.

a lot (about 50%) seem to be animals that can be found on earth, with most of these reptilian in nature.

most of the animals are: mostly birds, very few mammals, reptiles and amphibious creatures, and of course fish.

of the 50% of other type's of animals, most again seem to be reptilian animals native to this planet only.

there have been reports of animals that seem to resemble dragons and dinosaurs.

One of the known animals is the Lizzay 

Lizzay in captivity

(the original one where the sentient population of the planet have evolved from)

The Original Lizzay was a 2 and a half meter big lizard with a bug upper back ridge, running on all 4 legs but walking on its 2 hide legs, and having A head that is close the the head of the Lizard in spiderman (not the movie version), its color is sand coloered, it is strong fast and a brutal beast with no (known) sentient mind.

However it is not known if they still exist today.

An other known animal is the Shoidling: these reptilian animals are what gave birth to the shoid race when mixed with the Glidar race.

A bad drawing of a shoidling, but you get the idea

they are animals that are immune to lightning and even seem able to "eat" it instead of any other food type, they are hard shelled and live a very long time, about 10.000 years.

they only live in mountains where it is almost always raged with thunder and lightning and seem to be harmless.

as a second defense, aside the natural armor, they can make a very high piched noise when they feel like they are in danger.

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